CatGenie SaniSolution, Washable Granules and Maintenance CartridgesThe CatGenie Self-cleaning litter box requires the use of a SaniSolution Smart Cartridge to keep the CatGenie Washable Granules in an odor-free and germ-free environment. The SaniSolution dispenses the exact amount of cleaning solution needed to clean the CatGenie Washable Granules and to keep the CatGenie running properly. Each CatGenie SaniSolution Smart Cartridge is good for 120 washings and are available in Fresh Scent and Scent Free formulas. The Maintenance Cartridge should be used once every 2-4 months to effectively removes lime and grime from hard to reach parts of the CatGenie to help ensure an odor-free, germ-free litter box that runs like the day you set it up.

Litter Boxes 100411: Catgenie 120 Self-Cleaning Litter Box Sani Solution BUY IT NOW ONLY: $33.95

The new SaniSolution 120 Cartridge is biodegradable and recyclable (unlike cat litter, which is neither). Holds 120 washes and when set on Cat Activation provides 240 washes (and one cartridge is smaller and uses less plastic than the lid of one plastic litter jug). In one year, two CatGenie cats would use only 6 to 7 cleaning cartridges. In the same time, two cats, using a regular litter box or an automatic self-cleaning litter box, would need and contaminate about 356 lbs (or twelve 28-lb plastics containers) of cat litter. The cartridge is biodegradable and recyclable. Always keep an extra 120 Cartridge. CatGenie can't run on empty. Please Note: The 120 Cartridge only works in the CatGenie 120 Model. The 120 will NOT work in the original CatGenie, which only uses the 60 Cartridge. The 60 Cartridge will NOT work in the CatGenie 120.

CatGenie: Resetting a SaniSolution Cartridge: 6 Steps

Catgenie has eliminated and automated an unpleasant chore. The scented sanisolution keeps my house fresh and clean. Hi, I was reading a whole host of CatGenie nightmare experiences on Epinions. The CatGenie is very expensive to purchase here in Asia. Three main issues listed in Epinions were:
1) Poo that is missed by the scooper then gets swished around during the wash cycle and disintegrate into smaller pieces. These pieces then add their odor to the saniflush fluid when the granules are dried – Have you found this to be true?
2) Clogs can occur which is very messy and smelly to clean up. In your experience has the unit clogged up and/or filled the bowl with mucky water (due to drainage being clogged)?
3) The granules can get everywhere if kitty loves the action of burying their poo (My cats love to do this and frequently kick litter out of their litter boxes) and since it hasn’t had the benefit of being washed I can’t imagine this being very hygienic. Do you see this as a problem after almost a year of using CatGenie?
My mum who has arthritic knees needs a solution to scooping litter. I’m about to leave home to go back to school and she will need to care for the kitties. So I am desperate for a solution which will work and will economical over the long run. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

The CatGenie will not run without a non-empty cartridge installed

I had the first CatGenie incarnation, and I really liked it, despite the bugs. Even with the few issues that I had with it (would sometimes “stick,” I was hoping for more cleaning options), it was still way better than the ol’ scoop-the-poop method. As an existing customer, I was able to get a great upgrade to the new model (the 120), and I swear, it’s like my prayers were answered. The new model is quieter, more efficient, and has cat-activation (how great is THAT?), so it cleans after my cats (I have two) use the CG. Great break-down of how the unit works, btw. I love the two-opinion play by play.
Anyway, I also prefer the unscented sani-solution, but not because I think that the fragranced stuff smells bad, but it interferes with my automatic air freshener doo-dad. Too many smells = yuck.
I had had a litter robot, but swapped it for the CG because you still have to dispose of waste with the LR, PLUS you have to buy regular litter, which is not so great for our dear Mother Earth. Judie, I think you said it best: CatGenie takes litter box cleaning and convenience to a whole new level.

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