The term catfishing was inspired by the 2010 documentary "Catfish."

Blue catfish are often misidentified as . Blue catfish are heavy bodied, blue-ish gray in color, and have a dorsal hump. The best way to tell the difference between a channel catfish and a blue catfish is to count the number of rays on the anal fin. A blue catfish will have 30–36 rays whereas a channel catfish will have 25–29. Blue catfish also have , a deeply forked tail, and a protruding upper jaw.

This is a very peaceful catfish and does well when kept in small schools.

Dam tailwaters also produce extraordinary numbers of big cats this time of year. Inundated lakes and ponds in big reservoirs offer catfish deep sanctuary, and if scattered trees or stumps still exist around the perimeter, the potential for fast-paced action is great.

Guy 1: "You think she's catfishing?!"

Catfishing tips, techniques and information from professional catfish guides anglers. What Kind Of Cover Holds Catfish? Depending on the time of year and species of catfish there are a variety of types of cover that you’ll find catfish in or around including but not limited to timber, cat tails, lily pads or brush piles.

"I was catfishing at the club last night and at least 3 noticed!"

What Kind Of Structure Holds Catfish? The short answer is all of it (or at least most of it based on seasonal movements). Catfish love structure so areas like points, humps and drop offs are favorite areas to catch catfish among many catfish anglers.

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What does one do with her hair for a date of catfishing in the Untethered Lagoon? These were the days before the proper ponytail and permanent, and pomade would sweat and drip. What Jo-Alice did was take her hair, straightened by a hot iron comb with thinly-spaced teeny teeth, and put it into four big braids. She then took a kerchief and wrapped that around her head. And what does one wear? Saddle shoes, socks over her stockings, and a dark dress that won’t stain. That is what Jo-Alice wore.Fishing with us is a luxury catfish experience. We provide everything you need to catch big catfish. The only thing you need to bring is a valid fishing license from North Dakota or Minnesota and any food and beverages you may want. Other than that, your job is to reel in big cats and smile for the camera Welcome to Brad Durick Outdoors LLC, home of the finest channel catfishing experience in America. We are the premier guide service on the Red River of the North. We operate on the US side of the Red operating from the cities of Grand Forks and Drayton, North Dakota. Charles got behind her and he helped bring it in. It was an ugly thing, as catfish are, but beautiful, too, in its resistance and its size. Its rubbery whiskers crazily whipped the air about him. Its heavy jaws bulged with the audacity of being above water, heavy fish lips flopped open and closed, indignant at the idea of dying, of being somewhere not home, not wet. Its body struggled and the tail swished as if he were swimming in the air around him. Eyes bulging to capacity. Gasping for breath and hardly breathing.