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Just made this for the kitten that showed up at my door last week, we took her in and she loves to relax on my desk, but is forever rolling off behind it, so now she has a safe spot on my desk where she can't end up in the floor and can easily hide from my grumpy old man cat that is still adjusting to our new friend. I used a thin piece of pressed board and wrapped it with an old t-shirt as well with a bit of cotton batting between it and the bottom so it is nice and soft and little Mae loves it!

cat tent with t-shirt 2 wire hangers and the card board case from canned cat food

Grove said Tuesday he was hoping to talk with the team about a potential charity project around the saying, but as of two days ago, he hadn’t heard back from anyone with the Sixers. The team had no official statement Tuesday, but did not have any involvement with the NBA’s t-shirts, which were made by league licensee Fanatic Branded. We sent an email to inquire if the team had anything to do with pulling the shirts down, but as of the time of this publication, have not received a reply.

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No sew cat tent made with a tee shirt, hangers and a piece of cardboard Showing some love for your favorite feline takes on many forms, but this display of affection takes it to a new level. When Imgur user shared a picture of her sister with her pet cat sporting matching t-shirts with a twist, the Internet community had a lot to say about it. How do you feel about these t-shirts? The best way to celebrate International Cat Day or another form of kitty torture?

Cat With Matches - black T-shirt

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made two of them today, had a little trouble with the shirt, but eventually got it. a little catnip did help encourage them to enter but once they did can not get them out, until dinner time anyway. big hit for themFind Cat T shirts for everyone (including yourself). Shop for popular Cat designs in our marketplace, or customize and personalize one yourself! We have a huge selection of unique, Cat tees (we're talking about millions of cool-looking designs printed on T-shirts for women, men and children). With so many, it's simple to find that one-of-a-kind tee that expresses your personality. We have shirts in different styles, color, and sizes. Find your favorite design on Organic, Classic, and V-neck tees. There is no minimum order size and our products have fast shipping. Can't find the perfect Cat shirt? It is easy to customize and design your own custom Cat shirts at CafePress! Simply add text and images with our easy online designer. You can never have too many cats, or gatos! Show your love for cats with this cute and funny, cat shirt! This shirt is perfect for any cat lover, cat lady, and cat collector!“Casper, our Persian cat which we adopted as a 5 month old kitten, has had an anxiety disorder which causes him to cry continuously through the night, starting at 3 a.m. and continuing until it is light. For the past 11 years, our vet has medicated him with Elavil (amitryptyline) a tricyclic antidepressant drug used to treat depression in humans. As the years went on, we need to continue to increase his dose. We found a partial solution in using a calming collar, which contains mother cat pheromones. However, the problem was not solved. Since buying the Thurndershirt for Casper in December, 2012, he has been quiet at night and is completely off medication. He is also much more affectionate during the day. We have observed a synergistic effect with the collar plus the ThunderShirt and continue to use both. I have recommended ThunderShirt to everyone I know with pet behavioral problems. Thank you so much for a solution to Casper’s anxiety problem without drugs!