K&H Kitty Sill Bolster Deluxe Cat Window Perch

Protect your beautiful window sills from the claws of window-watching pets. This clear, strong plastic material provides cut-to-fit protection on any sill. It can also be used prior to installing cat window perches or other pet accessories that install on the sill. Flexible protector comes in…

Bri made one for her cats too, we actually cut a board to fit the window sill…

The window sills that the pet stores sell have, ahem, weight limits. If your cat really does have a fat butt (both of mine do too!) then you might exceed the weight limit. It would be easy enough to get a wider piece of wood and a couple shelf brackets to extend the sill yourself. Redoing the entire sill is a real pain- you'd have to take apart the entire window (assuming that's even possible, since newer windows are pretty solid)... Just make sure you hit studs when you attach the brackets, otherwise kitty will make a loud noise when he hits the floor. Probably in the middle of the night, too. By the way- he's very handsome! (Even though he looks like he'd like for you to hurry up with his windowsill project!)

K&H Kitty Sill Bolster Deluxe Cat Window Perch

For some reason, I love photos of cats sitting on the window sill inside looking out... Yes, absolutely you should worry about your cat falling from the window. Even if the cat is able to twist around and land on its feet, a fall from that height would cause serious injury including damage to the internal organs. You must insure that your cat cannot accidentally fall or jump from the window, perhaps not realizing how far down the ground is. Cats have been known to fall to their death by jumping at a bird that lands on the windowsill. Make sure that if the window is open it has a sturdy screen that cannot be pushed out even if the cat jumps against it.

Thermo-Kitty Bed™ Window Sill Cat Bed.

WOW, how ingenious!! Nice design – practical and stylish. I wish I had the tools to make this for my 2 newly adopted cats. I, too, am using a home-made design (2 Rubbermaid containers stack one on top of the other – with a king-size pillow on top). Not a pretty sight for humans but it seeems to work for the 2 cats (at least for now;). Is this DYI – Windowsill Perch available for sale?? If not too expensive, I’d purchase a few to use around my home.

Kitty Window Sill Cat Bed | cat Window Perches | PetSmart

Attach the 8 inch angle brackets to the shelf bottom, level the shelf and shove them right up to the wall. Then figure out the minimum spacer you will need to get around the window sill. Mine was 1 1/4 so I used a cut bit of pvc pipe as a spacer attached to the lower bracket hole with a screw. Then I leveled the shelf and attached the bracket to it with more screws. This should hold up my fat cat.You will find that most of the window sill shelves are more stable when you use drywall screws to mount the product into the wall or wood screws to mount to the sill. Some are more temporary with velcro strips, but you’ll have to worry about whether the shelf will fall with your cat(s) on it.