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Staying in a flat, she had no way to invite the stray cats into her home, so she built a ladder, that led straight from the street to her window. Wondering whether the neighbors would mind the added ladder from her home, she beautified it to make it look aesthetically appealing!

Makeshift cat ladder to upstairs. Cat goes in to house through a cat door in window.

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Window cat hammock with cushion

Cat ladder: look at the use of a high window to put a cat door in! Good idea. I’m very picky when it comes to my cats so I’m pleased to say your design was very impressive. Question though, can this be done without the ladder? Just a platform out? Our windows are long and close to the ground so a ladder isn’t needed but was wondering about stability with two 20 pound cats using it.
Thank you in advance.

stagger small shelves back and forth across a corner for a cat ladder

I know that’s a tough statement to swallow for most of us who treasure our cats dearly and worry about their safety. They go on to say cats may be kept indoors if the following considerations are respected:

Often, special breeds are not allowed outdoors out of fear of theft or accidents. The cat, however, could not care about its family tree but is curious by nature and does not want to spend the whole day dozing out of boredom. Not only special breeds are permanently held indoors, in houses or apartments. Many cats live along streets with heavy traffic and would thus be endangered if let outside. Such cats, however, are also entitled to change in life. If a cat cannot make experiences because it is not allowed outdoors, its owner must ensure compensation. But how?
An interesting life indoors: There are three main possibilities to keep cats occupied and entertained: 1) every form of social contact (people, cats or dogs); 2) occupational activities derived from a cat’s natural hunting instinct; 3) observing the activities in its surroundings (windows, balconies, catios, catrees).
Needless to say you will see a lot of cat ladders all over Switzerland for cats to have access to the outdoors. Here is a small collection:

Give Kitty Her Own Ladder to Climb | Furniture, Panthers and Pine

Winter in the Turkish town of Terkirdag has been particularly cold this year, but a local cat lover has come up with an ingenious solution that allows stray cats in her neighborhood to escape the chill – installing a tiny metal ladder leading up into her cozy apartment.The ladder is only wide enough for small animals to climb, and the metal bars on the window ensure that no uninvited guests make it into Sebnem’s home. It’s easy for cats to get in, though, and photos shared by the Turkish animal lover show them eagerly taking her up on her offer.