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Make sure that you provide your cat with fresh water every day, even if she makes a mess. Offer her more than one bowl in your home. If you don’t mind her perching on a bathroom sink, leave one with a few inches of water for her to play in during the day. You might consider an inexpensive automatic water dispenser that trickles water continuously. Many cats find them irresistible. These are readily available at pet supply stores and through catalogs.

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How to make an Automatic Cat/Pet Water Dispenser Fountain for Under $15 ... Gravity water dispensers don’t use your typical electrical pumps like the automatic pet water fountains do, they working based on a design that used gravity to dispense water at a optimal rate for your pet to be well nourished.
Gravity water fountains are cheaper and in some cases less convenient for cat owners as they require more maintenance and cleaning, however at the price point is very attractive for owners who are on a tight budget and dont want to spend over $50 for a pet water fountain.

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These are incredible cat water dispenser that you will find online. These products may be tremendously affordable but they also do not look like it. You can enjoy these for a very long time because they are very resilient. I bought this because several buddies of mine love it. I purchased it on the internet as a present for them. I bought one for myself also. I instantly like it. If you don’t want to waste your hard earned money, then I recommend acquiring an exceptionally simple to use item like this one.

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