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…espresso-finished MDF. You cat can scratch on the base, on the interior and exterior walls, and even on the top platform. It's all made with corrugated cardboard. The perfect height for window-watching cats, this unit is ideal for scratching, hiding and perching. Measures 12" x 11.75"…

Is this price too high for a wall mounted cat perch? My initial gut reaction is, of course, YES!

Space-saving Mounts on wall, doesn’t require any floor space
Multi-functional Combines perch, lounge and cat toys in one product
Easy to Install Hangs on almost any wall with included hardware
Adjustable Mount at any height to suit your cat’s preference for climbing and lounging
Sturdy Provides a sturdy perch and two hanging toys for your cat
Enriching Enhances cat’s environment addressing natural instincts to climb and play
Attractive Sleek lines and quality finish options fit seamlessly with your décor

Cat Wall Perch With Scratching Post

The only cat wall perch that is easier to install would have to be the Kitty Cot. Wall mounted cat tree stands 6' tall w/ 5 perches and is birch with mahogany trim. This sleek addition takes up minimal space but will give your cat years of recreation.

Cat Wall Perch With Scratching Post

Fun for cats and kittens to climb, jump, stretch from one to the other, and for perching and napping. The mounting screw holes are concealed just below the carpet edge and are spaced 16" apart. Screws and dry wall anchors are provided to attach into studs, wood surfaces or plaster walls.
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Cat Wall Perch2 standard shelvesmounted on aplaster wall

It’s tough choosing the right climbing accessory for your beloved kitty. There are a lot of options, big price differences, and of course, different styles. While we can’t choose for you, we can certainly give you our best recommendations on different wall mounted cat perches and cat wall shelves.This wall mounted cat perch is solid, and I do mean SOLID. Once installed, this thing doesn’t budge. It has a 70+ lb weight limit, so there is not risk of collapse so long as it’s installed properly. Like all cat wall shelves and wall perches, it will need to be installed into wall studs. Trying to hang this from dry wall only, with a cat pouncing on it every day, is a recipe for disaster!There is not a larger, more luxurious cat wall shelf (or perch, whatever you want to call it) on the market. This thing is huge at 44 inches long and 10 inches wide — plenty of room for even the largest of felines. It’s so large that 2 husky size cats could lay down and there would be plenty of room for both!It’s made of zebra wood with real wood veneer and it’s extremely stylish. In fact, I think this cat wall perch actually beats the cat cloud in style points. Don’t know if that’s particularly important to you, but it is to me. Who wants a giant eyesore hanging on their wall, am I right?