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Urine stains found approximately at cat-nose level on vertical surfaces, such as furniture, drapes or walls, are telltale signs of feline spraying. Urine marking is a method of olfactory signaling that may lay claim to territory, assert status (both high and low), offer sexual availability or indicate stress or frustration. Spraying appears to be a form of communication that’s aimed at other cats — or, in the case of frustration, more likely aimed at humans. While most urine marking is accomplished via spraying, some cats may mark by squatting on horizontal surfaces. The marked site will offer a clue as to where the trouble lies. Spraying near doors or windows can be attributed to the stress of an indoor cat, like Ti, who spots an outside interloper on his or her territory. A marked suitcase can indicate stress over an impending vacation, signifying the owner’s absence, an “invading” pet sitter, a change in routine, or worse: a stay at the boarding kennel.

Spraying (urine marking) is the most usual way in which cats mark their territory.

Use an enzyme-based cleaner — available at your local pet store — to break down and completely remove the odor associated with cat urine. Mix 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts water to make a solution that works in much the same way. Clean the sprayed area to thoroughly remove all traces of urine odor.

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You've given a perfect description of the typical scenario where a cat will spray urine. In conclusion, there is good evidence that both pharmacological and pheromonal interventions provide added value for the reduction of urine spraying in the cat. It is worth noting that the most extensive treatment programme described, i.e. the one involving a triple line intervention consisting of psychopharmacology (fluoxetine), environmental modification and a cleaning regime for the longest period of time appears to be the most effective treatment documented to date. This emphasises the potential need for a comprehensive treatment programme for maximum effect. Further studies are required to dissect out the relative importance of each element and their possible synergies with other treatments (e.g the use of pheromonatherapy) in addition. In addition further masked, controlled trials with stricter study population inclusion criteria for at least eight weeks are also required especially in relation to the effect of F3 facial fraction pheromone on feline urine spraying in the household.

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Many abandoned cats have a hard time acclimating to their new home. They display frustration and stress through urine spraying, a natural way to mark their territory and show their dominance, or through some undesirable scratching behavior. Those cats are usually distrustful and insecure around humans.

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