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The CatScram cat repellent is easy to use. Just turn it on and place it so it faces the area you want to be cat free. CatScram watches around the clock so you don't have to. When the CatScram electronic cat repellent detects motion, it emits a high-pitched electronic squeal that frightens cats away quickly. Just think! No more yakballs on your floor or cat urine marking the expensive couch. And unlike many sonic cat repellent devices, the CatScram cat repellent is completely inaudible to humans and most dogs!

I did not claim that cat urine will act as a 100% effective rat repellent.

This method is too good to ensure that the domesticated cats in your home will stop their frequent urination. Putting up a repellent for your cats will help you control them from urinating everywhere in your house. This is really good as it maintains odor that is pleasant to humans. Try to imagine that cats’ urine is too hard to handle in your nose and body system. Thus, there is a need to control it through it as one of the ways being emphasized.

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on sale iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper with Urine and Odor Repellent Plastic Layer, 30 x 23-Inch . Whether you spell it repellant or repellent, Predator Pee is the first choice for all natural organic pest control. Find the solution to mice, rat, rodent problems inside and out. And cars, RV's, and boats too. Critter damage to wiring and upholstery can cost $1000's to repair! Deer, rabbits, raccoons, ground hogs, porcupines, squirrels? Our wild animal urine is the answer. It is time to stop relying on chemical repellents, and go with all organic, natural solutions that repel nature's way. Coyote, elk, beaver, wild pigs, javelina and even armadillos, there is the right predator urine for your problem. that is like a liquid fence around your yard, garden, plants, vegetables and shrubs with Coyote Urine, Fox Urine, Bobcat Urine, Mt Lion Urine, Wolf Urine, Fisher Urine, and Bear Urine. PredatorPee brand Predator Urine is guaranteed to keep all wild critters like deer off your yard and garden without resorting to harsh chemicals, hot wax or any other toxic formulations that critters figure out quickly. The genetic fear of the predator works every time! - Use Predator Urine to train your dog where to go!

Our vet said cats arent smart enough to pee out of spite.

These are generally non-toxic and biodegradable, and can work outside as repellents for cat urine on the porch, as well as keeping cats away from your property entirely.

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I agree with the poster who said to skip mothballs. They are terribly poisonous to everything, including people, and the stench from them is as bad as or worse than the cat urine. I have purchased a cat repellant from Walmart that worked quite well. It also had a smell, but not obnoxious, and it had to be replaced every time it rained, but it worked. It kept my own cats from pooping on the front lawn. You might also try citrus peels, as those are not too unsightly and won't be a horrible smell. I kept stray cats from spraying the front of my house by splashing lemon scented Mr. Clean over the urine spots. This would work on fence posts, or tree trunks.The last thing you want is dead yellow spots in your grass or fresh growing vegetables coated with cat urine. Head back to your neighborhood pet store and pick up a carton of cat-repellent granules. These granules blend perfectly with soil -- without harming your grass or plants -- and keep unwanted furry critters away. Simply sprinkle the granules around the perimeter of your lawn or stir them into the soil the next time you work in your garden. Follow the manufacturers instructions carefully for optimal protection. Some varieties last for up to one month.