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To confuse matters further, tortoiseshell cats can have a silver undercoat, making them smoke torties/calicos. More on silver later, but here's an unusual tortie smoke example:


The breed Is known for its long. rich fur with a woolly undercoat covered by long guardhairs. This coat is warm and water-repellent requiring less grooming than some other longhair cats. The ruff in winter Is truly magnificent, exhibiting three separate sections: a short back of the neck ruff, side mutton chops, and a full frontal bib. When feeling the coat, one should get the feeling of denseness especially on the tabbies. Solids, bi-colors, and tri-colors often have a softer coal The length of the coat is semi-long which means that it should not be as long as a Persian coat.

Secondary Hairs: part of your cat's undercoat

Smoked - Most of the hair is dark, with a light undercoat that shows through as the cat is moving. People who are allergic to cats react to either the cat’s saliva or to its undercoat, according to the site . Unfortunately, there is no easy way to know which you are allergic to without a visit to a dermatologist or allergist, the site adds.

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On the bright side, no dense undercoat means less shedding and no matting so Ragdolls don’t need to be groomed as often as other long-haired cats.

Tuxedo cat undercoat turning brown

This shows the amount of undercoat a cat groomer can get out of every cat by de-waxing their de-waxing is free with every bath. It is the underlying problem of shedding and matting
problems.Mink torties have less contrast between the body and points. It's a halfway stage between Siamese pattern and Burmese pattern. The mink colour range is found in the Tonkinese breed, but mink torties and mink tabby-torties can turn up in random-bred cats where those Siamese and Burmese genes have somehow both ended up in the mix. If the gene for silver is also present, the cat has a silvery undercoat/background colour.This photo from Leva Cygnet shows one of the more unusual colours that can crop up randomly. The mother was a smoke tortie-and-white longhaired female and the presumed father a pale red or dark cream tabby male who is apparently the only free-roaming intact male in the area. The kittens included a chocolate male called Mocha, a black smoke male (who will be longhaired), a ginger female, a ginger male and a chocolate tortie - quite unusual in the randombred population as well as being smokes with a silver undercoat (visible when the fur is parted). This means that one or both of the parents carried the recessive chocolate gene - unusual enough that quite possibly the parents are related. The chocolate gene ultimately traces back to Siamese cats, but has been introduced by cat fanciers into various other cat breeds. It would have entered the random-breeding population through unneutered purebreds and being recessive to black can go unnoticed for may generations. Mocha grew into a large chocolate smoke male whose appearance hinted at Burmese ancestry.“Cats hate water”: While domesticated cats may initially resist a professional grooming experience, surprisingly, cats, when correctly handled by a qualified cat groomer often become docile when gently bathed in warm water. You will see how, after her bath, your cat preens herself and celebrates rejuvenated skin and removal of her dead undercoat.