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The initial aim of the present study was to analyze the morphogenetic process of fusion between conidia and conidial germlings of N. crassa by using confocal live-cell imaging (, ) and low-temperature scanning electron microscopy of frozen-hydrated samples (, ). We found that the three types of conidia (macroconidia, microconidia, and arthroconidia) produced by N. crassa () form CATs that are morphologically distinct and different in behavior from germ tubes. The second aim was to determine whether any evidence for an inducer of CAT formation could be found. Our results were consistent with a CAT inducer being produced by conidia, CAT production being dependent on conidial density, and the inducer not being cyclic AMP (cAMP). The third aim was to investigate the signaling between CATs during CAT homing. For this purpose, a novel optical tweezer () micromanipulation assay was developed. In this way, we were able to show that strains of opposite mating type (mat A and mat a) home toward each other and that cAMP was not the chemoattractant involved in homing. The final aim was to determine why fusion mutants disrupted in the mak-2 (), nrc-1 (), and ham-2 () genes are unable to undergo CAT fusion. We found that this was because each mutant was blocked in CAT induction, suggesting that transduction of the CAT inducer signal involves the HAM-2 transmembrane protein and a MAP kinase signaling pathway.

2017 Prices are for 1 set (2 tubes) Tubes only, with the specifications listed here.

Catarafts need to have some sort of A wake is produced off of each tube and they converge in the center of the boat. These wakes cause a hump of water to form between the tubes. As the boat accelerates to speed, the hump moves backward, gets bigger, and it could drown the motor. A 6-ft long plywood or diamond plate aluminum deck, attached to the bottom of the back of the frame, is sufficient planing surface. Also the bottom of the frame should be above mid line on the tubes to be effective. Otherwise this planing surface will act as a water scoop. The transom should have adjustability up and down for different loads. However this planing floor compensates for a wide variation in load if planing speeds can be achieved.

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Steampunk Cat Tube This is a solid works drawing of the motorized cataraft we designed for the Alaska Dept of Wildlife. Note that there is a spay skirt, on the front and a spray flap around the down bars on the tube. The tubes are 30 inches in diameter.

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This is a picture of the Virus Inflatable Rowing Skull for 2 people. The hardware comes off easily and stores in the trunk along with the deflated tubes. They have been using these types of boats like sea kayaks to island hop in both Maine and in Florida. This boat is 16 feet long, with 13 inch diameter tubes. The difference between these boats and a sea kayak is the amount of gear they can haul, and the stability. This RowCat also comes as single, with 14' tubes, and the same rigging system.

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