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While cat trees and a scratching post are recommended, you can also grab a few extras for your feline companion. Cat shelves can be attached to your walls to allow your daring and fearless cat to climb up near your ceilings and watch everything going on below. Other styles of furniture resemble cat trees but can be attached to your door, allowing your cat to climb up and enjoy a high perch without taking up floor space. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s built well so it holds up to all the fun your cat will have once you bring it home.

Who can blame them when it's close to 300% cheaper making cat trees for less

Building your own cat tree means you can customize it for your home and for your cat. Here’s a compact one you can make from Ikea Lack side tables for less than most cat trees of similar size.

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can make from Ikea Lack side tables for less than most cat trees of similar size. This is a great cat tree. It’s made with sturdy materials which makes it heavy enough for stability but also light enough to move around to clean. It will fit seamlessly in your home and will be a asset for your pet.

Trixie Natural Wood Savannah Cat Tree (22.75" x 22.75" x..

These trees are made from pressed wood and feature artificial turf carpet at the base. They come in three sizes, with either a round or square base. They are rated for cats up to 32 pounds in weight, but given my experience with less expensive cat trees in general, I would be cautious if you have larger cats, and would probably consider anchoring the tree to a wall to prevent it from toppling.

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Handmade PVC Pipe Cat Trees For Sale
Available in 4 sizes (Custom Cat Trees also available by request)
Easy to Clean
Very Sturdy, yet Light and Easy to Move
Less Expensive than PVC Pipe Cat Trees online, plus no need to assemble them yourself!
Made with high quality vinyl, with many different colors and patterns to choose from!As with any cat tree, it is important that you make sure that it is stable and that it can support the weight of bigger kitties. The cheap cat trees below are amazingly affordable but no less stable and great for your cats.Designed with a very small footprint, a cat tree occupies less than a couple square feet of your floor space, yet gives many square feet of elevated perching space – ideal for smaller homes or for setting up multiple cat treesMy cats LOVE cat trees, so we decided to buy a second one for the bedroom. The carpet on them is nice and soft and easy to clean. It took only about 15 min to put it all together myself... no problems. My only con was that most of the weight is in the back, so when they jump on it, it does shake a lot. This makes them nervous to go all the way to the top... I've only seen one of my 5 cats go all the way up once.... plus that top platform is too small for a grown cat to lay down on comfortably. THey all do however love the cubby hole, and the big platform above it. :) I would definitely recommend this tree to a friend. You aren't going to find one as good as this in a store for less then $200.