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It is amazing what can be done when you think out of the box (no pun intended) and look at other ways to solve any problems you may be experiencing with your cat litter boxes or cat trees. We hope you find these ideas useful in your home. At the very least, we hope they spur on some fresh new thinking and help you and your cat live in harmony.

make vinny a cat tree with litter box on bottom and food somewhere also

If your cat would prefer Middle-earth to your house, then she may need these! The creative folks over at IF Industries came up with these concepts for an Isengard Cat Tree and a Hobbit Hole Litter Box. LOL! I don't think these will actually make it to mar

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Massive selection of litter box furniture, cat trees, cat furniture, cat climbers all with free shipping. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!! Love the concept, Cat tree with hidden litter box.. possible do a door hinge effect for easy access. Definitely a different design, tunnels and sisal are must haves.

Designer Catbox Hidden Litter Box Enclosure Furniture.

Now you don't have to compromise! The Catbox Litter Box is a perfect solution to help keep your litter box concealed, but easily accessible to your cats. This elegant piece of furniture is a stylish addition to any home, and also helps to minimize odor and prevent litter from being kicked out onto the floor.

The patented design of the Catbox Litter Box features an interior panel that prevents litter from being kicked out onto the floor.

Made with high quality wood pieces, the Catbox Litter Box is a fully functional cat litter box with storage for your litter accessories. The litter pan, litter scoop and other accessories are completely hidden from family and guests. Also included is a hook to hold the litter scoop.

The Designer Catbox is easily assembled, and comes with detailed instructions. For setup, you will need a Phillip's head screwdriver.

The Catbox Litter Box comes in three beautiful finishes - Black, White and Espresso - and matches the other products in the line: The Modern Cat Tree, the Wall Mounted Cat Tree and the Storage Chest.

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