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Finally, offering your cat a carpeted structure confuses a cat on which surfaces in your home are meant for scratching. Cats that use carpeted cat trees won’t understand if you scold them while they scratch your carpeted floor. To them it’s all the same. Our cat trees however, have surfaces to entice your cat that are not commonly used in any other way in your home.

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Solid wood – a wonderful alternative to carpet. No more hours spent vacuuming the cat tree! Love the natural grain. Now, I won’t argue that carpet-covered cat trees don’t serve their purpose: They give cats a place to climb and lounge, they usually include some kind of carpet or sisal scratching surface, and, most importantly, they become something that kitty can own, an important part of creating a welcoming home for your cat. But it has to sit in your living room, so why not get something that isn’t an eyesore?

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Looking for something sleek and contemporary? Check out the . Give your cat lots of variety with open platforms and enclosed hideaways, all with inset carpet to prevent slipping. The Sebastian Cat Tree would fit seamlessly into a modern home, guests might not even recognize it as a cat tower. Available in black or white to match your decor.

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Some cats prefer to ascend to high places; others prefer to crawl inside boxes and hide from the world. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is designed to accommodate both behaviors. Standing nearly six feet tall when fully assembled, this tree features a number of levels for multiple cats. The product's detachable ladders may (or may not) appeal to younger cats, but they will certainly prove useful for aging cats. Two dangling cat toys come with the package, but additional toys could easily be attached to the particle board shelves. The covering is not a carpet; rather, it's a soft fiber cloth. Columns are covered with sisal rope, an ideal material for scratching posts. Assembly takes around 30-35 minutes on average, and a two-person building crew is strongly recommended. We give this model high praise for its stability – even for heavier and/or multiple cats.In February of this year I installed ten cat houses onto the existing cat trees at the shelter. It was a great experience visiting a progressive shelter. It was also great to see cats using the new houses withing minutes after installing them. The staff and volunteers were friendly and it was clear they went the extra mile to care for the cats there. It’s a great feeling visiting cats in a shelter that are free to roam about and not confined to cages. Hopefully more adoption centers will begin implementing colony rooms in the years to come.