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The Go Pet Club Cat Tree presents a more conventional style of a pet tree. This modular cat tree is ideal for medium and large sized cats but in the case of two pets, they would have to share the tree house. With a height of 52'' and a 19-inch square base, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree occupies very minimal space without overlooking the play area. The perches are made of compressed wood hence pretty light to allow mobility. The coverings are made of fake fur to provide a cozy resting area.

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Do you have a big cat and need a large cat tree? Cat trees for large cats can be great for exercise, security for the cat to feel safe and entertainment for your cat. Most are extremely expensive however and…

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cat condos for large cats | PetPals 52'' Multi-Level Cat Tree with Condo: Cats : So what is the right cat tree for large cats? Here’s a few things to look out for when buying a cat tree for your bigger cat (bigger is better right?):

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The 72 inch Cat Tree is our choice of . The cat tree has three, good sized elevated levels and two large condos that are certainly big enough for large cats. The tree is made out of a sturdy, plywood type of material that, when the tree has been fully assembled, will hold the weight of several large cats with no problem at all.

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While me and you live in a horizontal world, house cats are not limited to that way of life. In fact, they prefer getting vertical whenever they can for a variety of reasons. Whether they are just releasing some energy, looking for a place of solitude, or just showing off, your cat will certainly make use of a cat tree to take advantage of that vertical space. These trees provide the cat comfort, a level of safety, and a place they can simply have fun. These cat trees are not simply a luxury, this will become a very important part of their feline lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of cat trees for large cats and house this unique territory can be the difference in a feline battleground or a happy home.Creating Peace Between Cats
If you have a cat like Maine coons and introduce a new kitten to the home, it is going to take time for these cats to understand their relationship within the family unit. The biggest benefit of the cat tree in this situation is that the larger Maine coon can mark their territory on the highest perch, allowing the other cat to claim a perch lower down the tree. While the relationship between the cats may be tense at first, the cat tree will allow them to position themselves and their territory, reducing any physical confrontations that could occur early on in their relationship.Making Larger Cats Happier
When you have more than one cat in the home, the larger of the group find it difficult in many cases to escape the non-stop activities of the smaller more energetic cats. The Maine coons are a terrific breed of cat, but they need their space to unwind and relax just like the rest of us. This breed of cat can be energetic, playful, and spontaneous, but during certain times of the day they simply want a place they can escape all the craziness. The cat tree gives this larger breed the ability to get vertical and hide inside a compartment that is the perfect size for their body without any other intruders disrupting their need for a break in the day.Increasing Your Cats Territory
When you own a larger cat, they have very limited space within the home to move around during the day. The introduction of the cat tree instantly adds vertical space and increasing their territory. Cats might not be comfortable sharing space on the windowsill or on the stairs, but they will consider sharing the cat tree because of the separation of space. Larger cats enjoy the cat tree because it gives them the opportunity to get higher in the room than they had been able to do previously. A good quality cat tree will last several years, and in addition to giving your larger cat a place to explore, they can also use the apparatus for scratching. New cat trees are equipped with scratching posts made from bark, sisal, and bare wood.