Cat Trees Condos You Ll Love Wayfair

The PetPals Group Multi Level Condo Cat Tree is a great playhouse for cats with two posts for scratching, two condos, and many places for resting. Your cat will love playing and sleeping on this cat tree. For additional fun there are hanging teasers attached. Watch your cat go crazy while playing with the teasers.

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New cat tree! Our expectations were high and you exceeded them. The solid wood construction is great; we once had the standard issue particleboard/cardboard cat trees self-destruct during assembly. Cats are happy too! Sisal on the top center post is at the top instead of the bottom but I think they'll get more use from it where it is. Thanks Jamie

Cat Trees Condos You Ll Love Wayfair

Look what I found on #zulily! Beige & Brown Cat Tree Condo #zulilyfinds Thank you for your question, Danielle. The Huge Cat Tree Condo House Scratcher Furniture, ships in a box that is approximately, 18 inches h x 17 inches w x 30 inches l. Have a great day.

Cat Trees Condos You Ll Love Wayfair

This has been an amazing purchase. I have five adopted cats all under the age of 3 and all over 10 pounds. They are up and down this tree constantly at full speed. I really didn't think that the basket loungers would be something they would use but there is always at least one cat sleeping in one of them. The stairs must be for kitten use. My cats jump from level to level and never use the stairs, so I took them out.

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I ordered a cat tree last Christmas for my cat and she loves it. We put it in front of our sliding glass door and she loves to sit in the top balcony and watch the birds outside. I want to get one for my daughter’s cat this year. I looked all over and have never seen one as nice as this one.This sturdy, handmade cat furniture tree is made with solid pine poles in its construction and heavy duty screws and bolts. Definitely top-of-the-line.You absolutely can't go wrong with Molly and Friends! This top-notch cat furniture tree is the best of the best. Purchasers are always pleased with their new addition. This is the second most-popular tree among our Maine Coon Cat visitors.Looking for Cat Furniture, Cat Trees, Condos, Houses, Kitty Condos, or Sisal Scratching Posts, We at PlayTime have it all and are dedicated to offering you Great looking Quality Cat Furniture. As actual pet owners we have a good idea of your needs. Each cat tree, kitty condo, cat tree house is designed for your “kids”. From the smallest to the largest, all will enjoy these plush Cat Tree Houses.With Multiple Levels, climbing ladders, Ramps, Large lounging pedestals, Toys, Sisal Posts and a Large Playhouses, these are Cat Tree hotels.