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I agree to what spot the Bengal said. I’ve never seen any kind of breed that doesn’t like toys. But your baby still could be getting used to his surroundings. It took mine a month and half to get fully settled. But I had to bring him it to two other cats in my home that are two years older than my boy. I take my boy out for a walk every afternoon up and down my street. I’ve done this since he was a kitten and he is 3 now. I have noticed it helps a lot and gets him worn out which makes him sleep with me all night. Back to the toy issue, there are more cat toys out there than toys for kids. I have a huge verity of toys for my critter. All of the rod toys I keep put up until play time, doing this keeps him interested in the toy and he doesn’t get burned out on it. My boy likes to jump in the air after the rod toys. Keep trying different things and see what he is interested in. You are in a great position with your Bengal being a kitten, getting your boy to ride in your vehicle. I taught mine when I picked him up from the breeder and he loves it, he gets up in the window and looks out at everything. I take mine on road trips and vacations. He always is turning heads when people see him looking out the window when I stop at a stop light or I pull in a gas station. If you are like me you want your boy to go with you when you leave home for a vacation. You need to find a cat tower next, that is a must have for a Bengal. Try to find the tallest one you can find because bengals love to climb and be up high. I have one that is 7 foot tall, but I just bought another one that is a little over ten foot. Other than that have fun with your new addition to your family.

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The toys you make for kittens and for older cats should differ. "Kittens are fascinated by new, simple toys -- pulling a piece of string across the floor can keep a curious kitten happy for hours," says Kelly. "Adult cats get bored more quickly, so hiding little toys in new places for them to discover can be fun, or constructing differently shaped cardboard tunnels are good options for the jaded adult cat." He also recommends tossing ping-pong balls into the bathtub; cats love the clattering sound.

Notice how your once-bouncing-off-walls cat has calmed down with age

Toys For Older Cats‎ The Catit Design Senses Play Circuit is one of the best cat toys on the market today. The device is ideal for curious kitties that are not easily entertained. With a peak-a-book appeal to it, this model appeals to both kittens and older cats. Owners report the Play Circuit to be a long lasting and durable toy.

He's still active and playful, but he's slowed his pace a bit

When choosing play toys for your kitten, you’ll want to focus on finding toys that offer high-energy playtime. You’ll also want to find cat toys that don’t have items that could be potentially dangerous if swallowed. Older cats tend to have less of a problem swallowing pieces of the toy, but kittens can be prone to eating a piece of string or ribbon.

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