Leaps & Bounds Cat Track Cat Toy with Sisal Mat

Just like dogs, cats love to chase balls. Sure, they’re pretty simple and you could certainly use any kind at all. They have the added advantage of being highly animated without much input from you or your cat. Especially on non-carpeted floors, you can get a lot of mileage (pun intended) out of a cheap ball. Consider these five options for toy balls for your cat.

delicate Cat Yoga Mat with Cat Toy. Cat Scratcher, Bed, Activity Play Mat with Catnip Toy.

Zanies Scratch N Shack Cat Toy at The Animal Rescue Site. This unique cat toy is a cat scratcher and hiding spot in one! Cats can hide and play in the house, while the corrugated cardboard scratcher provides a great place to test those claws. Fun leopard print on the outside. Cardboard & catnip Instructions included for easy assembly. Approximately 19.5" L x 10" W (49.5 x 25.4 cm) with 5.5" W (14 cm) opening - Imported - $19.95

Catit Senses 2.0 Acupressure Mat Cat Toy

Cat Yoga Mat with Cat Toy. Cat Scratcher, Bed, Activity Play Mat with Catnip Toy. 30%OFF A scratcher is the #1 most essential toy to keep your cat occupied. These lounge style ones are great because your cats can also crawl around in them, and the material doesn't break off like other models.

Leaps & Bounds Cat Track Cat Toy with Sisal Mat

The Categories Kicker Mat is four kinds of fun wrapped up into the ultimate cat toy! This versatile toy functions as a kicker, mat, sack and wand toy.

Other fun things about this unique cat mat and toy:

Your cat needs to spend some time in independent play as well as
interactive play with you. To encourage that solitary playtime you can
get your precious puss a Busy Body Cat Toy Activity Mat.KONG Active toys promote healthy exercise and fulfill cats’ natural desires to chase, hunt and capture. The Triangle Playmat creates an inviting and versatile play space for indoor cats. The textured interior encourages scratching and soft plush is ideal for snuggling. The added catnip mouse entices play and encourages batting and swiping. The Triangle Play mat has a space saving design that folds up for storage and travel.The mat makes curious crinkling sounds when your cat walks on it but is soft and inviting for a good lounge and roll. Toys with real feathers are attached to the outer margins to entice a cat's natural hunting instincts. A tube of catnip is also included to encourage the use of the mat.Hi I have enjoyed reading all the comments about everyones cats and toys. I am also looking for a scent balls necklace ? used in one of the My Cat From Hells episodes. Couldn”t catch which episodes it was. But was used around one kittys neck with her roommates scent on it so they would get used to each other again. I have 3 cats who lived together for about 2 yrs ,then the youngest saw another cat thru the window and its been hell ever since. So we are trying to get them back together again. Any help would be appreciated. Merry Christmas to all !!!