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, are built to give your cat a place to scratch, rest, play, and perch. Cats are protective of their territory, and giving them a place of their own that's above everything else makes them happy. A cat tree can also keep them from scratching up or taking over your furniture. Here's how to choose the best cat tower for your kitty.

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Mason Company’s Cat Tower can be designed for use with one cat, a family of cats or a room of cats. It can be produced with a variety of shelving options, including a wall of ledges if desired. An optional climbing tree and portals can also be added. Designated feeding areas as well as litter space can be custom designed. It can also be built to include Mason’s Raintree Cat Condo as the living area for the cats with the Cat Tower as supplemental play space.

Cats can play, lounge and scratch away on this cat tower

Renovation on diy cat tower Electric tools needed to build a cat towers and trees with a drill and various drill bits and drivers, a jigsaw and a pneumatic nail gun, which is optional since you can use a hammer. Puzzle is used to cut plywood into required sizes and drill bits and bits driver will make mounting holes. Other tools needed to implement project include a roller to apply epoxy, compass, stapler, staples, utility knife and fast-setting epoxy. You will use utility knife to cut carpet and quick-setting epoxy to glue wood pieces together. Roller is used to apply epoxy to large wood areas, instead of using a brush.

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For you need three pieces of 3/4-inch plywood that will be cut to specific sizes. Plywood is used to make bottom and top shelf, my tripod, box sides and ends box. You must use 3/4-inch thickness so that cat tree will be stable. Other materials needed to finish project includes number 10 from 2 1/4-inch pan head screws, 1/2-inch diameter sisal rope, wood glue and a box with 1/4-inch wood screws. Other needed items include construction adhesive, four 58-inch by 1-inch PVC mat that suits tower and eight 1-inch diameter plugs that will fit cat tree.

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The Catalpa Cat Tree from The Refined Feline redefines feline furniture. The Catalpa replaces the embarrassing carpeted cat tree with a stunning design to please you and your cat. Great for multi-cat homes, your favorite felines will love to climb up this nearly six foot tall tower onto each of its extra-long branches, perfect for a cat nap. The Catalpa’s solid construction and weighted base keeps the tree stable even for the most voracious of climbers.Providing indoor cats with a cat tower can help to keep them healthy and happy. Cats are climbers by nature, and indoor cat trees allow them to fulfill this natural tendency. Cats also feel safer when they’re up high – an in particular may greatly benefit from having a tree to climb and perch on.