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This may be the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Awe when I lived on a farm we had farm cats and they would take care of each others kittens, one would watch all while the other did her thing and vice versa, and then they'd all snuggle together and awww

This feeding station with a cat grass nook. | 18 Cat Products That Won't Cramp Your Home's Style

This behavior usually signifies a kitten or cat who is bored! Cats need to play and to practice their hunting techniques. An indoor cat, without , cat furniture and other objects and situations to stimulate him, may well feel that his only chance to practice these skills is on you. They may start making up elaborate prey games whereby they hide behind furniture or out of your sight, and wait for you to walk down a hall, or into their "lair" where they can ambush you.

"This is what cat engagement photos would look like."

Create a cute DIY Cat Water Bowl Planter with catnip and cat grass-my cat LOVED this! #ad We were going to put carpeting on a couple of basement walls and then shelves for the cats. Maybe this would be better than a whole wall of carpeting. Hmmm..... More

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Humans are filled with the merciless urge to inflict hats, ties, dresses, and other clothing items on us. But what do we look like to you ... dogs? We hate to feel enclosed or confined, and while you may catch us kneading on one of your sweaters, we’re merely enjoying the texture of the knit under our paws; that doesn’t mean we want to wear it. We don't need clothes to stay covered: our coats contain up to 130,000 hairs per square inch. Fun fact:

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So here we go. Diving into the world of cats to finally, decide which cats are best. Maybe it's Kim Cattrall, maybe it isn't, but this is a question that needs an answer so please vote for the top cats below and have the good grace and fun-loving spirit to add all the cats and kats you can think of.In the interest of trimming some fat, here is my lean, mean, no-bullshit core team of Most Valuable Cat Things, that over the years have proved their mettle and continue to be invaluable in my daily cat wrangling adventures. As a cat owner, I can confirm that all of these are true. I'm sure you will agree!

If you liked this, you will love This cat tunnel is quite possibly the only cat toy I’ve ever owned that my cats have shown a consistent and unwavering interest in. Could it be the soft crinkly noises? The velvety texture? The endless opportunities for ambushing other cats and passers-by’s legs (and motes of dust, and imaginary enemy forces) from within it’s shadowy recesses?