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I am in a dilemma right now. I was adopted by a little stray about a year ago. He is around 2 years old now and has lived most of his life outside. But after a very bad cyst (caused by a fight) on his neck which affected his breathing and spending 4 hours at the Vet ER I decided it was time to have him neutered. He’s a pretty cat but does not seem to have the sense to stay out of fights with other cats. My neighbors saw him rolling down the street in one massive ball of fur with another cat. (This other cat seems to attack him around the eyes.) They were so intense in their fight that they didn’t know they were rolling. There are at least 5 other outdoor/stray/feral cats in my area and he is very territorial. Along with twice having cysts and both ears torn I am trying to keep him indoors. I have placed a pheromone collar on him, established cat areas in my house, etc. He constantly meows to be let out and will seemingly attack one of the windows at night and at times during the day. (I suspect this is either because other cats are in his territory or he wants out.) I am trying the ignoring method and am trying to coax him to play but he will just roll onto his side and not take an interest. I am gone at work most of the day and do hide food for him in hopes of his hunting and finding it. He got the concept of the toys in the box with the food this morning and had it eaten before I left the house. I had to go away this last weekend and asked someone to come in and feed and play with him. Although she did what I asked I do see my cat has developed some unpleasant habits from being home by himself alot. Will this eventually end and is there hope at the end of the tunnel?

How does your cat behave around other cats inthe neighborhood?Does he fight, play,or stay away?

Set up the cat's environment so that his misbehavior is not a rewarding experience. Let's take a look at furniture scratching as an example. While making your cat's scratching post fun, rewarding and exciting, the training process also requires you to make the furniture unattractive as a clawing item. Instead of you telling the cat to avoid the furniture, let the furniture itself tell the cat to stay away. It's up to you to find something your cat does not like. See the cat scratching training article for full details.

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Frightening cats with sudden bursts of water, and conditioning them to stay away from virtually any area, such as: Even if you run out of gas*, you can still set StayAway to the “beep only” mode, so the beep will sound when motion is detected, which still makes the cat head in a different direction. Why? Because he knows what’s coming after, and he does not want that!

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Both sssCat and StayAway are not divine devices, and sometimes they may miss a cat running alongside them. Based on our observations, StayAway was more likely to miss than sssCat. However, that just refers to a case when you want to keep a cat from crossing a certain border. If you want to keep a cat off a counter, or away from a closed door, both work every time.

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