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Ahhhhh….this is the crème de la crème of the whole spa day experience. Dogs and cats can get muscle knots, body aches and stiff joints just like we do, and massage helps alleviate them. Massage can balance an animal’s muscle tone, which aids the flexibility around joints. Best of all, massage stimulates endorphins, the feel-good hormones that lessen pain and trigger a positive, happy feeling. Learning how to properly give your pet a massage isn’t difficult or time consuming. provides some pointers on massage techniques.

My cat Solo having a calm and relaxing spa day. He really does enjoy the shower.

“Thanks for taking such good care of me when my owners were on their trip. I slept for 2 solid days when I came home and I have even slept in my owners bed since I have been home (even though I have 3 beds of my own) I loved the pools and have tried to talk my owners into providing one for me, the answer was “no” so I guess I will have to visit your facility. I’m happy my owners love me enough (more than enough) so I too can vacation at the Canine Club and Spa when they are gone.”

Adorable Mati Persian Cat Spa day

Spa days are my favorite! I love getting brushed! I am definitely a girly cat. We were having another “Spa Day” AKA work at home in our jammies when we remembered it was . Yes, there really is a holiday by that name and it’s not just for cats. We’re not big fans of costumes or dress up for cats but we have a super high end bathrobe (yeah, it costs more than mine) that Merlin likes draped on him like a prize fighter before going into the ring. It’s soft, warm and luxe. It would be cozy after a bath if he ever needed one too.

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From the finest grooming and spa services to the most sophisticated suites and amenities, Olde Towne Pet Resort is an affordable luxury your four-legged friend truly deserves. Visit us seven days a week for a tour — no appointment necessary!

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As it turns out, humans aren't the only ones that like to be spoiled. My dog wakes up every morning with the hope that maybe today will be the day that I give him an extra treat. The cat featured in this video, however, knows exactly what it's like to be spoiled. The cat's owner gave her the complete spa experience with towels, soap, shampoo bottles, and even some music to help relax. CatSpa offers excellent accommodations for your pet. Every suite is climate controlled and includes a window for your cat to enjoy watching the birds and squirrels outside! We also have an on-site attendant at all times. Call us today for an appointment or more information and find out why the CatSpa is The Ultimate Boarding For Your Cat.It's clear from the expression on the kitty's face that this spa day was truly needed. It can be a tough life sitting around the house, catching bugs, and running away from vacuum cleaners, but days like this make it all worth it. Take a lesson from this spoiled cat and maybe take a day to spoil yourself. It may look a lot different than what is happening in this video, but there's one thing for sure - you definitely deserve it. Being entrusted with ones pet is something we take very seriously. Each person and each pet is unique and we try our hardest to accommodate the needs and wishes of each client. Below is a list of services for you to choose from and customize your cat’s Spaw day: