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Trixie Snack Roll challenges your cat’s natural instinct with delicious rewards. As your cat bats or pushes the toy, treats or kibbles are dispensed through the openings. The toy comes with 3 removable rods that makes it harder for the treats to get released.

Steer clear of these foods when sharing your snacks. They're toxic to cats:

There is no greater feeling than spoiling a loved one, and your kitty will thank you after choosing any of our line of Snack ´n Treat products. Our catnip is certified organic through Quality Assurance–our chicken, tuna, and shrimp are all-natural so you know your kitty is getting the nutrients essential for a healthy life. Our treats come packaged in a resealable pouch so our catnip stays ultra pure and potent–and our chicken, tuna, and shrimp stay sweet and succulent! Organic catnip is grown in the USA, Easy Grow Greens and Yummy Chicken Bites also are made in the USA!

Make this cute Pete the Cat snack together with your children.

Pete the Cat groovy buttons snack... Graham cracker topped with yellow icing and M buttons Healthy cat treats have secondary effects that are highly beneficial to your feline friend. From dental chews that keep your kitty’s teeth clean and healthy, to high protein cat snacks that supplement their diet, healthy cat treats are a great way to show your pet some love while maintaining a balanced diet. If you’re not sure which variety is the best cat treat for your feline, try smaller batches before investing in larger bags. Shop Petco for a selection of the best cat treats available and find one your feline will flip for.

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Have fun with your kids and make these Black Cat Snack Cakes! These treats are fun to decorate and purrfect for any Halloween party.

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It's as simple as steaming organic boneless and skinless chicken thighs and letting a blender or food processor do the rest of the work. The result is a bountiful supply of tasty cat treats that are sure to become your kitty's new favorite snack.Most of your kitty's diet should be a nutritionally complete cat food, but you can give her a treat from your plate every once in a while. You just need to know how to choose feline-friendly snacks with nutrients she needs.I suppose I couldn’t make your snacks with canned cat food because the smell of non-heated canned cat food already makes me choke a little, but i might give it a try with the meat baby food -.-If your catrequires special diet, you may be able to make simple cookies from canned food(the food needs to be firm for this treat). To make these snacks, slide thefood from the can in one piece. Next, cut into 1/4-inch slices using a sharpknife. Lay the slices about 1/2-inch apart on a cookie sheet, and bake at 325degrees in the oven until crispy. Once cooled, serve these tasty cookies toyour pet. They will be good for a week or two in an air-tight container stored in therefrigerator. Cheese is a high-protein snack that's fine for your cat in small amounts. But the protein in cheese is less "complete" than the kind in meat, fish, and eggs. Also, many cats' tummies can't handle dairy, so go easy on the cheesy treats, and skip the saucer of milk.High in potassium and soluble fiber, bananas are a cat-safe snack, according to Wismer. Although bananas are a healthy treat, they (like all items on this list) should make up no more than ten percent of your cat’s daily calorie intake, she added.)