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Firstly, I just want to let you know that I purchased Caterpillar boots because I think that they are the best on the market and that's why I buy them. They are the only shoes that don't make my feet ache since I am on my feet all day! My complaint is that around a month after I had bought the Caterpillar men's 2nd shift 6 plain soft toe boot, the sole became unstuck all around on both boots. I was surprised and shocked to say the least, because I did not expect this at all! As I said before, I have been purchasing Caterpillar for years. Anyway, I took the boots back to where I purchased them here in Greece, and the salesman was also very surprised and upset. He was very willing to replace the shoes, but unfortunately Caterpillar suppliers have stopped supplying here in Greece, although he promised he will look into the matter and do whatever he can to help me out. Can anything be done by Caterpillar? I would really appreciate it since I have paid good money for a good product which in my case has turned out to be a waste of money, unfortunately.

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Products 1 - 12 of 12 - Find official Caterpillar boots, Caterpillar shoes and other licensed Cat gear for men and women at Murdoch's. I purchased 2 pairs of Caterpillar boots at Sears because they appeared to be well-made and felt comfortable. The first pair, the right foot had the sole separating and leaks badly. I started using the second pair and the left foot is leaking and water enters the boot. I am extremely disappointed at the quality of the boots in terms of service life. I feel that this is no better than some cheap import found at flea markets. I don't see the need for Sears and Caterpillar to sell such low quality goods. It certainly doesn't promote repeat business. I will be looking elsewhere and another brand for my future purchase. I have found that Chinese shoes are not long lasting and very poorly made. The payment for both pairs were made in cash. They were purchase at the Sears in located at 37th Avenue and Coral way in Coral Gables Florida.

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Just to understand why such a big name CATERPILLAR did not make boots according to what it claims to be used for, in this case it is an industrial boots. It looks good but not good to use. Because it looks good. After a week after I bought the boots, I bought a pair of casual shoes also from Caterpillar. Thinking that I bought a good shoe as well. I always put insole in my shoe to give more cushioning when walking almost to all the shoes I bought since army till today. But with the insole, the shoe is also killing my foot slowly. I thought it maybe new and give it few more days until I couldn't bare the pain anymore and remove the insole. Without the insole, it give me a relief, too my bad impression on Caterpillar product.

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