How to make a cat window seat using an old tray and shelf brackets.

For those who want to permanently affix a perch on the window for their cat, this wraparound cat shelf is a great option. The cat shelf can be custom fitted to any window in your home. Long and sturdy, this shelf holds up to 100 pounds, so a crew of cats can hang out and bird watch together.

This authentic wine barrel shelf-bed. | 18 Cat Products That Won't Cramp Your Home's Style

True to their North-African heritage, our cats love warmth and sunshine. Every cat owner is familiar with Kitty’s search for the perfect sun spot on the couch or rug. Why not support their effort and provide them with a wonderful lush and comfortable cat shelf right by your window?

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This authentic wine barrel shelf-bed. | 18 Clever Products To Make Your Home Stylishly Cat-Friendly The following cat shelf designs may give you some ideas, if you are looking for something functional and creative for your cat or to truly impress your cat loving friend with your creative gift.

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So by buying cat shelves or a cat window perch for them, you are allowing them to express and satisfy these natural feline instincts!Another option is to buy special cat trees or towers, but these can take up a lot of floor space, so a perch or shelf system can be a really convenient solution.

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I have two cats . There is exactly one window on the ground floor that faces south. That makes it irresistible to them, and it is also the place where I want my kitchen table. Here is my solution, a shelf that hangs from the window ledge and does not put holes in the wall that the landlord might not like. It keeps them off my table and still lets them enjoy the sunshine. This shelf would be good for a window garden or other lightweight uses too.Depending on what you’re looking for, you may also want to consider finding a cat shelf that doesn’t have to be screwed into the wall or window sill.The biggest concern is finding a cat shelf that will hold your cat. Some of the window shelves only hold up to 20 pounds, whereas others may hold up to 40. Some shelves are designed long and wide, whereas others may be more narrow and short.Attach the 8 inch angle brackets to the shelf bottom, level the shelf and shove them right up to the wall. Then figure out the minimum spacer you will need to get around the window sill. Mine was 1 1/4 so I used a cut bit of pvc pipe as a spacer attached to the lower bracket hole with a screw. Then I leveled the shelf and attached the bracket to it with more screws. This should hold up my fat cat.You will find that most of the window sill shelves are more stable when you use drywall screws to mount the product into the wall or wood screws to mount to the sill. Some are more temporary with velcro strips, but you’ll have to worry about whether the shelf will fall with your cat(s) on it.Cat shelf across a window. Lets cats look outside easily. Also has a great vertical climbing pole, but Jojo might not use one. I am not a big fan of using carpet for the pole.