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Shave the sides in an arrow motion toward the hind area. Be careful when you get to the fold of skin just above the rear leg area, as this can be easily cut. To avoid cutting your cat, hold your cat up by the scruff of the neck while shaving, or have someone assist you in restraining it. Use straight smooth movements when clipping the cat. This is a very slow process and should be done in steps; if your cat is getting stressed, let it rest for a while before proceeding.

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He wasn’t shaved, he was clipped, idiot. The cat isn’t going to get sunburnt indoors, idiot. Some cats may not object to being shaved, but for others it may be a stressful situation. Lion cuts are usually given at vet's offices or pet groomers, which means a trip in a car and an unfamiliar situation for your cat to be in. For some cats, the anxiety may be so great they need to be sedated before being clipped.

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To remove the matts on Murphys tummy I decided to remove him from the table and have the owner hold Murphy in her lap. She held Murphy on his back against her stomach and held his two front paws together so he couldn’t lash out at me. His tail was gently tucked between her legs so away from my clippers and I managed to quickly shave the worst matt out before Murphy became unmanageable again. We took lots of 5 minute rests to give Murphy a break from the muzzle as I like to monitor a cat’s breathing and make sure they are ok and not getting too hot under the muzzle. It also gives me time to think of my next move ;-). Each time we stopped, Murphy was absolutely fine but as soon as the comb or the clippers got anywhere near his body he totally freaked and turned into a feral monster. Shaving out 4 matts took a couple of hours and it was traumatic for him as well as us. The matts were finally removed and the groom was stopped. Murphy didn’t get a comb through. The rest of his fur wasn’t too bad. My main goal was to remove the terrible matting and then just leave him be to recover from the ordeal.

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