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Cats scratch at walls, furniture, and carpet for a couple of reason. Cats have incredibly sharp claws, and when they’re not trimmed, they can grow into the cat’s paws. Scratching is one way for cats to keep their claws in check. You may also have seen your cat nibbling at their feet. That’s another way they keep them in check. You’ll often find pieces of cat nail around the house for this reason.

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4 Tips to Stop Cats from Scratching Up Your Walls & Furniture - CatVills How do you stop cat scratching? It’s a common search for cat owners. Cats are adorable, but they can also be destructive with their claws. It’s not their fault. It’s simply how they’ve been designed to keep their claws in order. Many cat owners, especially ffirst-timeowners, find it difficult to stop cat scratching and save their walls and furniture. Fear not! The following tips can help you save your home from your cat’s pointy paws of destruction.

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Cats that live primarily or exclusively indoors may run into disfavor with their owners when they begin to scratch furniture, walls, or doors, or when they use their claws to climb up, or hang from the drapes. Claws can also cause injuries to people when the cats are overly playful or don’t like a particular type of handling or restraint. With a good understanding of cat behavior and a little bit of effort, it should be possible to prevent or avoid most clawing problems, even for those cats that live exclusively indoors.

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So, Marilyn, tell us what to do about a cat who scratches like crazy – the box, the walls, the air, everything – right after using the box? Is the cat cleaning her claws? Freaking out? Communicating with aliens? What’s up with this?They have a TON of things to scratch. Cat tree, sisel rope scratching posts, furniture of their own, scratch pads, cardboard things, etc. They have so much to play with, use, scratch their little claws in to and they use those things. But they also use the walls.In this article, you are going to learn how to stop your cat from scratching furniture, walls, and carpets, without punishing, declawing, or getting rid of your cat.These are all great tips. I only have one cat and I am fortunate that she does not scratch my walls or furniture. She’s just one lazy girl, lounging around the house. I’m sharing this post with a good friend who is about to go crazy with her wall scratching cat.