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A cat scratching post is a pole that stands at about two feet tall or more. It can also lay flat against the ground. It is usually covered with a rough fabric like sisal, rope, or just cheap industrial grade carpet.

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With different sizes and styles, you are sure to find cat scratching post to match your cat’s habits and needs. Covered with carpet or sisal our cat poles are made of wood and feature sturdy bases that ensure stability. In addition, our eco-friendly corrugated cat scratchers and scratching boards will hold every kitty’s attention and make him scratch with delight. Put a scratching post near a sunny window or draft-free corner and your cat will leave your furniture untouched.

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Dec 11, 2015 - Our sturdy solid wood Sisal Cat Scratch Pole is available in three sizes. The style you choose will depend on your cat. If you notice that your cat likes to scratch at the carpet, buy him a floor scratcher. These lay flat on the ground and are made of either sisal or cardboard. If your cat scratches by getting up on his hind legs and grabbing onto the high surfaces of your furniture, then a tall vertical pole will be best.

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As we have a young cat since december last, we have don some research on scratching pole’s and fond the DOG scratching post our best choice, one that not only for the cate is great pleasure but for us as well.

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Ah, but some cats prefer a horizontal scratching surface. One of my cats only uses a horizontal surface, and loves his Scratch Lounge. When he’s happy, the first thing he does is run to have a super enthusiastic scratching session on it. And sometimes he sleeps in it. I’ve had one of these very nice vertical poles available to my cats for a few years — he’s never used it.This is the best-selling scratching post on Amazon. It measures 33 inches, which will allow virtually any cat to fully stretch and offers a very large scratching surface. Rather than using sisal rope wrapped around the pole, it uses durable sisal mats which might hold up a little better over time. It doesn’t look half bad, either.I designed and made a cat scratching post myself, and covered 2 posts (tubes) with jute rope. A third post I covered with a scrap of loop pole carpet. The cats have never even touched the jute, but I've had to replace the loop carpet twice already. They rip it to shreds. The jute was pretty expensive and a waste of money. Are my cats just contrary, or did your cats like the jute? Thanks. Your tube to base attachment hardware was better than mine. We hope that you found this guide to the best cat scratching posts useful. Cats like to have a variety of surfaces that can scratch on, so we would recommend that you think about buying more than one type of cat scratcher. If your cat has, at least, a vertical cat scratching pole and an inclined or horizontal scratcher, whether your cat tries to scratch your carpets or the back of your furniture, you will always have something else that you can entice your pet to scratch instated.