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Now here's a nifty idea: a cat scratching pad that lies flat but can also wrap around the leg of a table for your climber cat. You just secure it to your preexisting furniture, banister, or balustrade and move it from room to room if the need arises. This extremely clever and versatile design even comes with an attached mouse-head toy to entice kitty into reaching for it. The material on the covers a three-to four-inch-diameter table leg and fastens with Velcro.

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Cats that did not previously have scratching posts and had used furniture to scratch on will use a scratching post or flat scratcher with some mild encouragement, provided various conditions are met regarding placement, size, stability, texture and how the humans behave about the matter. The new scratcher must be placed next to the item of furniture the cat has been using. Put a furniture cover or blanket over the furniture, with on the bottom of the furniture item area accessible under the cover. The goal is to make the furniture less desireable, and the new scratcher more desireable. Give the cat a treat when you notice the cat using the new scratcher or even lying on it. Gently dissuade the cat from using furniture. It will take time if the cat had been using furniture to scratch on for years, so patience is needed.

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Cat Scratch Mat Wrap Around Furniture Wrap Protect Toy Lay Flat Scratchers Pet Having a Pet Parade Natural Sisal Cat Scratch Mat will provide your cat with a good place to scratch his nails. The sisal cover feels good to cats and can be used flat on the floor or attached to an upright surface to suit your cat's preference.

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…base that gives your cat plenty of room to stretch her claws and scratch. The attached arch features soft-nylon bristles (3" dia) to gently trap fur and massage your cat with every pass. Brush N Scratch helps keep your cat's coat sleek while reducing matting and hairballs. Thick,…

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Cat Tunnel Kitten Fun Scratch Mat Sisal Rustle Brush Hide Play Long Sturdy Cosy Cat tunnel with scratch mat and brush This fabulous cat cat tunnel is fun and practical for your cats or kittens. This is suitable to be used by several cats at the same time due to its length. Whether your cats want hide in the tunnel, run through jumping in and out of the various holes, peek out to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings or use the sisal covered scratch pad to sharpen their claws and the…Geekercity Cat Scratcher Premium Wave Shape Pet Kitty Cat Scratching Pad Seize Catch Board Mat Cardboard Cat Lounge with Catnip [Pet Claws Care Toy ] *** Can't believe it's available, see it now : Cat scratcherGeekercity Cat Scratcher Reversible Cardboard Pet Kitty Cat Scratching Pad Catch Board Mat Cat Lounge ** For more information, visit now : Cat scratcherGeekercity Cat Scratcher Sofa Premium Pet Kitty Cat Scratching Pad Seize Catch Board Mat Cardboard Cat Lounge with Catnip [Pet Claws Care Toy ] >>> Wow! I love this. Check it out now! : Cat scratcher