Cat Scratch Furniture Protectors

The Carpeted Furniture Protector Cat Scratchers by Kool Kitty Toys, are patent-pending cat scratchers designed to protect furniture from being damaged as a result of instinctual cat clawing. It can be More

Cat Scratching Furniture Protection. $25.00, via Etsy. brilliant,

Cats clawing on furniture and other household furnishings may be purely destructive behavior from your point of view but not from the cat's point of view. To them it's natural behavior, following a need to keep their claws in top shape and to leave visual and scent markings on the object, communicating territory boundaries to other cats and other animals. In addition, scratching provides a form of exercise for cats, stretching and retracting their shoulders, legs, and paws. Because scratching is a natural activity for cats, protecting your furniture and other household goods may take a little ingenuity and effort on your behalf but is not impossible.

Cat Scratch Guards - Furniture Protectors

Cat Scratching Furniture Protection. Our Corner Furniture Protector is a great piece if your don't want to buy a new couch! This scratching post for cats is one of our hottest items because of the savings you get. This is one of our best scratching post for cats because of its purpose. Save the furniture and allow your cat to use their natural instinct to scratch. Once the piece has the cats scent on it you can move the furniture anywhere you want and your cat will follow.

This corner furniture protector is a great training tool and save the $1000 sofa or chairs at the same time. Buy one for each problem area your cat is scratching because this is the best cat post on the market we believe. Our corner furniture protector is made out of solid wood, high grade house carpet, screw, nails and staples thats it. We do not use adhesive or glue because it is toxic for your kitty.

Overall Size :15" W x 15" L x 19"H
Base Size :15"x15"
Scratching Post :17"

Cat Scratch Furniture Protectors

During the training period and/or just to be sure your furniture is protected, you may want to consider using a product called . These are transparent adhesive (on both sides) strips that you can apply directly to your furniture. Since they are transparent, they don't take away from the look of your furniture. (And they're approved by the ASPCA!) Your cat will hate the stickiness of the tape and will refrain from scratching there. You can put them on furniture, drapes, stereo speakers, and other places you want to protect. These adhesives are not recommended for leather furniture, wood finishes, painted surfaces, vinyl, or wallpaper.

Cat Scratch Furniture Protectors

Cat Repellent-Aromatherapy-Cat Scratching-Cat Scratch Furniture-Furniture Protection-Pets-Home and Living Pets-Cat Away Spray-Pet Supplies by WonderfulAroma on EtsyCouch Corner Cat Scratching Post! 18 Inches tall 10 inch by 10 inch base Hand stained ebony with protective clear coat Ebony color pretty closely matches IKEA black wood grain furniture (ask if youd like a different stain color) This scratching post fits the corner of most couches. Its held down by the feet of the couch resting on its base. *Note: The base is 10 inches deep, make sure the foot of your couch will rest inside that area for this to hold down properly We have three cats in…PROTECT FURNITURE FROM PETS AND FEET USING POOL NOODLES: cut a slit in pool noodle and slip over chair rung or over the chair leg itself if that is where your cat is scratching (the narrow size is better for furniture). Brilliant!!Furniture Defender Cat Scratching Guard - Two Guards Per Package - (18"L x 5.5"W) - Furniture Protectors - Best Protection from Pets Scratching or Clawing Your Sofa, Couch, Chair or Other Upholstered Furniture - Made in USA