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The good news is that progressive shelters are making tremendous leaps forward when it comes ptuting re-homing pets in need. Finding the right venue for putting your cat up for adoption is crucial, because the sad fact is that there are far more felines in need of homes than there are homes available. If your cat happens to be purebred, you can contact a rescue group adoptioj in his breed.Your veterinarian might know a possible home for your cat, and many veterinary offices have bulletin boards advertising available pets. You will feel awesome wearing it. Adiption was found as a stray, pregnant and very skinny. She is estimated to be 8 years old, but a very active and playful cat. Pumpkin craves affection. She just wants someone to love and pet her. Lady Godiva (aka Tess) is such an exquisite, loving little cat.She has the most gorgeous long, silky coat. She is so laid back and affectionate. A real lap cat. Because of severe cat allergies, I have to find a loving home for her, and her brother, Jinx. Both cats are fixed, asoption to date on shots, microchipped lzke very well behaved. They are wonderful cats who deserve a loving, forever home. Please offer them a home today.

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By adopting a cat from Wonder Cat Rescue, you’re making a commitment to provide love, care, and medical treatment for the life of the cat, which can be up to 20 years or more. Adopting a cat is a serious decision, but a very rewarding one!

Adopt your next best friend through Black Cat Rescue.

149 cats adoptedRescue Stats 2006 The mission of SAFE Haven for Cats is to use no-kill principles and education to save cats’ lives through rescue, adoption, spay/neuter services and community programs.

Heartland Cat Rescue & Adoption Society, Inc.

Nashville Cat Rescue's Mission: NCR's mission is to rescue cats and kittens from the Middle Tennessee area from the streets and from high-kill shelters and adopt them into loving new homes.

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Because many of these cats come with baggage, Rescue is not always for everyone. We're looking for adopters (Rescuers if you will) who have the patience, understanding and compassion to work through issues that may arise. We're here to help you. If you need a cat within a few days, if you aren't interested in dealing with any issues that may arise, if you must have a specific age and look, Rescue may not be the best solution for you.Bel-West Cat Rescue & Adoption is a volunteer no-kill/nonprofit animal shelter in Bellingham, Washington. We rescue and nurture cats, adopting out those that we can and providing permanent homes for the rest. Bel-West houses cats with separate enclosures for new or convalescent cats or kittens.I'm a single 2-3 year old lady kitty seeking a loyal partner who loves candlelit dinners, sunsets through a window, and playing fun games together (anything with Ping-Pong balls or feathers is good with me). I thought I had a good relationship with the handsome black tomcat who lived next door, but then I ended up alone at the pound with five kittens to take care of. Luckily I was rescued and found a foster family to help me raise my litter. Once all my kittens were adopted, I decided my next lover would be a human; I've been told…Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts, Inc. (C.A.R.E.) is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to the rehabilitation, care and adoption of cats and kittens rescued from euthanizing animal shelters in Richmond, VA and surrounding areas. And, accepts on a limited basis animals from alternative sources. We are committed to the highest principles of humane care and obtain professional medical treatment for all animals in our systems.