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Boundary® Indoor/Outdoor Cat Repellent Aerosol Spray works as an effective training aid in and around the home to repel cats from areas they don't belong including garbage areas, furniture, gardens, and more. Ready-to-use, aerosol spray formula applies in seconds and repels cats up to 24 hours when applied daily.

-Repels cats away from forbidden areas.
-Helps break undesirable habits.
-24 hour protection inside and out.
-Apply daily for best results.

Outdoor cats bothering your indoor kitty can be repelled with natural, nontoxic substances.

Essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, citronella and eucalyptus are all effective indoor cat repellents. They can be used in their pure form, or they can be mixed with water and put into a spray bottle. Orange peels, lemon rinds and the herb rue can also be used to keep a cat away from a specific area or a piece of furniture.

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Indoor repellent products include the Tattle Tale Pet Vibration Alarm, SSSCat Spray Cat Deterrent, and CatScram. The following table ranks the best outdoor cat repellents taking into consideration a number of factors including, effectiveness, value for money, longevity, ease of use, and level of customer satisfaction. For the last metric, customer satisfaction, we have painstakingly gathered the feedback of actual customers for each device from numerous sources including many review sites, online stores, and discussion forums, to arrive at the largest most comprehensive metric available anywhere for the level of satisfaction from actual users for each product. This is displayed as a circular chart on each product review page. Also see our in-depth analysis of the in 2016!

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As with the outdoor cat repellent reviews, all our indoor reviews display a chart showing the level of customer satisfaction for each product, so you do not have to take our word for it, you can see what the rest of the world thinks of each product at a glance. Cat owners love these devices because they can keep areas of the house clear of their pet cats, setting up exclusion zones for reasons of hygiene, or simply convenience. Again, whichever one you choose, they are all tested and guaranteed to work!

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This spray is safe to use on your furniture and all other indoor and outdoor items and plants. This spray is great for training your cat or repelling the neighborhood cats.Ultrasonic cat repellents can be used to keep cats off the furniture, counter tops, or away from certain areas of the house. Those products that use the ultrasonic frequency alone may not be effective indoors. Some cats are comfortable enough on their home turf that the high frequency doesn't bother them.