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A quick sidenote for readers in the UK, all of the above devices are available in the USA, for a highly recommended UK product check the cat deterrent. The catwatch is the only UK cat deterrent that is approved for use by the RSPB. We have a full review of catchwatch including a video of it scaring a cat away . Also, we have not covered cat spray, or repellents in this report which is specifically for high performing ultrasonic deterrents.

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As with the outdoor cat repellent reviews, all our indoor reviews display a chart showing the level of customer satisfaction for each product, so you do not have to take our word for it, you can see what the rest of the world thinks of each product at a glance. Cat owners love these devices because they can keep areas of the house clear of their pet cats, setting up exclusion zones for reasons of hygiene, or simply convenience. Again, whichever one you choose, they are all tested and guaranteed to work!

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And unlike most cat repellent devices, the CatScram cat repellent is completely inaudible to humans Like all outdoor cat repellers the SSScat uses an ultrasonic detector to activate whenever it senses movement over a one meter radius. Once triggered the device sends out a blast of harmless spray, frightening the cat momentarily. There are no chemicals other than the propellant, it is purely the fright of the noise and spray that has the desired effect on the cat, or pet. Customers have reported that even once the spray is exhausted and in need of a refill, the cats still avoid the area, as they have associated the visual presence of the ssscat with the scare and refuse to go near it.

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The Cleanrth TSAR520 Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller impressed us with its detection range and unique triple scanner, and we were very happy to see that a power supply adaptor was bundled and included in the price. These two factors alone lead us to include this particular device in our “Recommended” category.

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The British are known for taking pride in their gardens so I thought it was about time I helped you brits find the best ultrasonic cat repellent in the UK. Unfortunately some of the cat repellents featured on are only available in the US, so all the devices in our are guaranteed available in the UK, and I’ll be including a link to Amazon where you can check them out (USA visitors please check out our reviews of )If you have a small garden, any of the cat repellents we have reviewed will give you adequate cover and activate whenever a cat wanders into your garden. If you have a medium to large garden however, you will be looking for a cat repellent that has greater range, or perhaps you can place more than one cat repellent device around the garden, strategically placed for maximum effect. In this cat repellent review I thought we’d take a closer look at which ultrasonic cat repellers had the greatest range to help owners of medium to large gardens have success at keeping cats out of their garden.