9 tips to encourage your cat to accept a therapeutic renal diet

What fresh or frozen diet foods could I give my 15 yr old cat with renal failure. He wont eat prescription food and I’m struggling with what to feed him. Would be very grateful if you could help

A renal diet will improve the survival time of a cat with chronic kidney disease.

Kidneys cleanse waste from the blood, so if these organs don't function properly toxins build up in the body. As Science Diet points out, the kidneys also "maintain the normal balance of fluid and minerals within the body." Kidney disease, also known as renal failure, can be either acute or chronic. Acute renal failure comes on suddenly, usually as the result of poisoning or trauma to the kidney area. Chronic renal failure develops over a period of time, and occurs fairly often in older cats. If Kitty shows symptoms of chronic renal failure, it's a safe bet that up to two-thirds of his kidney function already is kaput.

Switch your cat to a renal diet sooner rather than later

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Support D Morsels In Gravy Canned Cat Food A common observation in holistic vet practice is the vast improvement that comes from changing from a kibble to a raw diet. In any animal. But this is especially true for the little carnivores in your house, those cats. Add in renal disease, and it becomes even more significant.

Diet and Chronic Renal Disease - Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets

Since the urine also removes phosphorus and magnesium from the body, the diet will, of necessity, need to be low in these minerals. A low-sodium diet helps control the fluid retention in cats with the heart problems often associated with renal disease, and also helps improve blood flow to the kidneys. Giving your animal Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids will also improve renal blood circulation while minimizing cardiac and renal hypertension, slowing the progression of the disease. Adding water-soluble dietary fiber lowers nitrogen in the urine and decreases its excretion by the kidneys. This will lower the chances of your cat moving into the azotemic stage of renal disease and cause the urine pH to be more alkaline – a healthier resolution to targeting lower pH levels. The metabolic acidosis also associated with azotemia is countered by increasing digestive buffers to the diet to decrease stomach acids. Store-bought, processed treats are prohibited for cats with kidney disease.

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Royal Canin has announced the launch of brand new RENAL SUPPORT diets designed for cats and dogs diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. The new RENAL SUPPORT line offers a wide range of great tasting aromatic profiles and tempting textures to ensure superior palatability so every cat and dog can find just the right food.Two important caveats: Commercial senior diets are not the same as therapeutic diets and do not help manage CKD, says Dr. Wakshlag, president-elect of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. And eating a renal diet will not prevent CKD. “There is no reason to start feeding a kidney diet just because a cat is older,” he says.Studies show that therapeutic renal diets can lengthen patients’ lives compared to those fed adult maintenance diets. “Nutritional management is the cornerstone of treatment of CKD in dogs and cats,” says Meredith Miller, DVM, ACVIM, a lecturer in small animal medicine at Cornell University College of VeterinaryBecause I am not comfortable with the ingredients in my cat's commercial prescription diet food I am interested in making the food myself, but I don't want to cause more harm to my cat than good. For additional guidance I found the BalanceIT website which was founded by a board certified veterinary nutritionist. You can play around with their free 'Autobalancer' tool to add ingredients that you want in your cat's food and then you can print out a balanced recipe that uses their complete vitamin/mineral supplement (UC Davis uses it too). If you want use their 'Free Recipe Generator' which will generate a renal diet for your cat based on age, weight, health conditions, etc., they will contact your vet for permission to do so and then their veterinary nutritionist will help you with that. Their renal diet uses their BalanceIT Feline K vitamin/mineral supplement which is low in phosphorous and sodium and higher in potassium and other nutrients CKD kitties need.