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There are isolated case reports that could be classified as level 4 evidence of risk. Hypervitaminosis A was reported in a cat fed a pork liver-based raw food. The cat returned to normal health when the diet was changed back to a commercial canned food (). Feline pansteatitis was reported in 10 cats fed a homemade diet of cooked pig brain or raw and cooked oily fish (). Nutritional osteodystrophy was reported in 2 litters of 6-week-old large breed puppies fed a bones and raw food (BARF) diet from about 3 wk of age (). Nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism has also been reported in a litter of German shepherd puppies fed a diet of 80% rice with 20% raw meat. The diet contained excessive amounts of phosphorus (). Not all puppies fed the diet experienced problems, suggesting individual or genetic susceptibility.

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Cats must eat meat. That's why they are called obligate carnivore. They do not digest vegetables and grains very efficienly. (see the wikipedia article for sources and studies). That is the greatest argument against dry food which have high proportions of grains. Proponents of raw meat diet argue that cats have evolved to eat meat in the form of small animals and fish and do best when that's what's in their diet. Many argue that not only should the food be all meat but argue that the whole animal should be fed including skin, hair and feathers. Bones are of course included. Most advocate small animals such as chickens or small fowl, rabbits and fish. A whole industry supplies frozen mice and ground rabbit to cater to the raw food demand.

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Here are some tips to help you transition your cat to a raw food diet. Still, if you choose to foray into the world of raw food to solve your pet's health problem, do it gradually. Just like ours, animals' digestive systems need time to adjust to dietary changes. Wakshlag recommends a simple quarter system—replace a quarter of your cat's or dog's regular food with the new fare the first day, half the next, and three-quarters the next. Worst-case scenario, a softer stool may result, but the gastrointestinal tract should get used to the new food in a few days, giving the raw craze its one opportunity to do some good.

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Rotating foods of different types allows digestive rest, prevents overfeeding, increases digestive efficiency and replicates the natural ebb and flow of food availability as it existed in the pristine environment where dogs developed as a species. This way of feeding a Raw Food Diet for Dogs prevents and even reverses degenerative illness in most cases by allowing a dog’s body to devote its energies to healing and outward activity, rather than elimination of accumulating waste.

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