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Kitty’s training should start as soon as you bring her home with you. The amount of time and effort you spend on her training in her first few months of life will bear a direct correlation to her extent of dog-likeness. If it’s been a while since your last vacation, take one before your new baby comes to live with you so her training can be consistent and ever-present in her formative months.

Aug 6, 2016 - Rescued kitten raised by huskies is now a cat who thinks she's a big, adventurous dog

Why some people think cats and dogs don’t get along is a bit mind boggling – after all, households with both cats and dogs as pets can turn out to be some of the happiest families! It’s a common misconception, but many dogs and cats, when brought together, can get along quite nicely. In fact, some even go on to be the best of friends! Toffee the cat knows the situation all too well, as he experienced that exact thing: the cat is raised by a dog!

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After Being Rescued and Raised By Huskies, This Cat Totally Thinks She's a Dog You’ve heard of the boy raised by wolves, right? Well, what about the wolf (well, husky…) that was raised by cats?! Yep, you read that right. Tally the husky dog was abandoned at birth and, as a pup, rather strangely found himself making friends with a family of cats.

This Dog Was Raised By Cats And Now Thinks She Is A Cat. So Cute.

Most feline pets in the are considered to be , a catch-all term for those with mixed or otherwise unclear ancestries but having related appearances. Several of those cats, or those of the standardized breed, will respond differently to others despite looking very similar, displaying dog-like or otherwise unexpected tendencies. Besides breed-based generalizations, a particular cat's behavior can be assessed by its restraint in using claws during play, its tendency to follow people, and its appreciation of close and frequent human contact.

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Meet Toffee — a very special cat to Reine and her entire family. Reine found Toffee under some rocks in front of her house during a storm in August of 2012. As soon as Toffee entered the family, they were in for a huge surprise — the family dog, Rufus, immediately adopted and began treating him as if he was her very own baby — going so far as to breastfeed and train him! (Rufus is a boy’s name, but she is in fact female!)Toffee was found by a woman named Reine under some rocks in front of her house in the middle of a storm in August 2012. Reine took the feline in, adopting him and making him part of the family. The family was met with a huge surprise when Rufus, the family dog, took to the cat and treated him like he was one of her own. The female dog (yes, Rufus is a girl) immediately treated Toffee as if he were her own baby, even breastfeeding and training him! Needless to say, their bond surpassed friendship, as the two have become bonded through family.