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We look after the “creature comforts” by providing comfortable cat beds, clean litter, fresh water, and quality food. While you are welcome to bring food from home for your cat (and we recommend it if your cat requires a special diet), we have multiple diets available as well. We pay attention to the small, but important details. Does your feline like constant attention or would a “privacy screen” make her more comfortable? What type of bowls, bedding, or cage arrangement do they prefer? These are preferences we take note of, since it makes your kitty’s stay more enjoyable.

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You can stretch the life of your Privé cat litter screen by keeping it neat and dry. Simply wipe the surface if it gets damp. Most screens last a year or more. However, rowdy litter box users may find they have to replace their Privé more often!

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shabby chic curtains for screened in porches | Cat Box Privacy Screens and Fireplace Screens There were scores of booths where cat food, cat litter, cat jewelry and cat clothing for both cats and their admirers were sold. One crowd pleaser was the Jonny Cat Privacy Screen, made by the cat litter company.

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6. utilizes custom curtains to both hide the boxes and (attempt to) block the smell.
7. If you've got more dollars than hacking skills, is perfect for you.
8. If you have even more dollars, you'll want the lovely (Modern Cat's bitter rival, I have decided).
9. looks very nice- but would you really want to keep it right next to the couch?
10. The cheapest, most easy-install option I've found is a litter box privacy screen, like . There are times I'm so relieved nobody sees my search history-

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New Cat Privacy Screen! Even kitties like a little privacy when they have to...well you know. Made from Solid Pine in three hinged sections- One style has a flower design at the peak of the center 20 inch arch (approx). Total length is 31 inches. Both have Brass Hinges. Possibility of different stain colors available. Water Resistant finish. Cottage Decor handmade cat box privacy screen or fireplace screen (when not in use). Available in three pretty colors, including cottage pink, cottage green and cottage english lace..Solid Pine Cat Box Privacy Screen is Honey Oak in Color but is available in other colors upon request. A variety of different flowers are availble including Sunflowers and Roses look as if they painstakingly handpainted . Water Resistant Finish.Bright outdoor cat enclosure in Deck Contemporary with Trellis next to Privacy Fence Ideas alongside Outdoor Privacy Screen and Privacy Screen Ideas