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Next time your furry friend needs medication check it is definitely worth your time to transfer the prescription to a retail pharmacy if possible. Photo by

Ruby has several prescriptions, but fortunately the cats aren’t on any. Great tips!

I don’t know whether this is true or not. My cat has been diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis. Since he has been on the Royal Canin Satiety Support dry and Royal Canin Calorie Control High Fiber canned he hasn’t had one single flare-up and this has been a few months. Previously I was feeding my cats Wellness, as I had my previous cats. This didn’t agree with him at all – he constantly had blood in his stools and the runs. It hasn’t happened at all since he has been on the Royal Canin. Something must be working. However, I don’t think that prescription diets work for everyone. I believe that each case is totally individual and should be treated as such.

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›  › Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic Plus Urinary Pouches Cat Food 4 x 12 x 85g Anna, I completely understand your dilemma! My male cat has had two surgeries (1st one left him with scar tissue so he couldn’t pee, 2nd one was very invasive and ultimately gave him a sex change, so that supposedly if he did get crystal they would pass). Well, over $5,500 later, and he still gets problems if I deviate from the Medi-Cal Urinary SO prescription diet. I too have tried other food in an attempt to give him better nutrition and at a better price, only to end up at the vet yet again. To bout, I have a female cat that is extremely fussy and will only eat the stupid Medi-Cal now as well. Which actually is much easier than trying to feed two cats two different things diets. I will continue my research, but please if you come across some great info. or try something that seems to work, please post!

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