How To Potty Train Outdoor Kittens Or Cats

Here’s where I really took a wrong turn with kitty toilet training. As a new mom, I barely had time to brush my teeth, let alone pet the cat. Furball received very little praise and not a single yummy snack to celebrate his success. In hindsight, I now see that this is probably the most important factor for successfully toilet training a cat. Having recently potty trained my son, I’ve got to say that over-the-top praise and tasty treats work wonders.

How to Potty Train Your Cat on the Toilet - Cat Toilet Training Tutorial

We asked some experts - Danielle Bays, community cats program manager for (HSUS), and Dr. Rachel Barrack, a veterinarian in New York City - what they think the pros and cons of potty-training a feline are. And what we found out was actually kind of surprising.

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Does this work??? my god, if I could potty train the cat, that would just be the bees knees. It is better to not change a litter box that your cat is accustomed with, however, if you must change it, make sure you make the transition by starting with mixing a little of the new filler with the old ones and gradually increase the proportion of the new one. How to potty train a cat article thinks this is the best approach to change your litter type if you prefer changing to a new texture or scent.

Interesting! I had no idea that you could potty train cats like that.

Don’t let your cat run around the house until it has been properly potty trained, as it will give it free reign and will hinder the process of your efforts. If your kitten or cat is continually making mistakes this will eventually become a habit. Scolding and then taking the cat to the litter box after it has already done the business will result in a negative association of punishment with the litter box. Punishment does not work with cats. You need to do it with prevention and praise your cat for getting it right.

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Here are some inside tips from cat toilet training experts - the Kitty Goes Potty fans. Check back often - we will update this page as new tips come in.So, you’ve decided to potty train your cat or you’re just curious to know how a feline furball can be trained to use the actual toilet instead of the designated ?The methods detailed in both books and kits are all relatively similar and will sound familiar to anyone who has potty-trained a toddler. They involve baby steps, rewards like treats or praise, occasional accidents and no reprimands. In the case of cats, the process also involves placing a litter-filled insert in the toilet bowl, then gradually reducing the litter inside it while widening a hole in the insert that allows the litter and waste to drop into the water below.Now that we’ve cleared the fact that potty training your cat isn’t the best of ideas, let’s see how people on TV and the Internet actually manage to teach their cats to use the bathroom like we, humans, do.