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Actually, calling the Mondo a scratching post is an understatement. This is a Scratching Tower! A skyscraper for your kitties to climb and scratch. Where they can wrestle and play and do fun cat stuff. You won't find a comparable post anywhere. This is our own special design - a design that caters specifically to what cats LOVE!

Purrfect Posts are designed and produced by a veterinarian who understands cat behavior.

Facebook post: Has your older cat been acting like a bit of a grouch, flattening her ears back, crouching up her body or hiding? Cats are notorious pain disguisers, but these are signs they may be hurting. Bring her in today and we’ll pinpoint the cause and investigate possible solutions.

You & Me Carpet & Sisal Cat Post

New Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post Kitty Pet House Play The You & Me scratcher will provide endless opportunities for cats to play and scratch. Your little hunter can sharpen their claws on the scratching post instead of on your furniture, drapes or carpet which will teach him or her healthy scratching habits. The post is covered in durable carpet and sisal material. The neutral tone is easy to integrate into any home décor.

You & Me Cat Scratch Post with Feather Toys

15.75"; L X 15.75"; W X 46"; H, A cat scratching post allows your cat to live out the natural scratching habit without damaging your furniture and carpets. Platforms provide a plush place to lounge and climb.

You & Me Carpet & Sisal Cat Post with Platform

Couch Corner Cat Scratching Post! 18 Inches tall 10 inch by 10 inch base Hand stained ebony with protective clear coat Ebony color pretty closely matches IKEA black wood grain furniture (ask if youd like a different stain color) This scratching post fits the corner of most couches. Its held down by the feet of the couch resting on its base. *Note: The base is 10 inches deep, make sure the foot of your couch will rest inside that area for this to hold down properly We have three cats in…Instead of punish your cat for following her natural instincts to scratch, understand first why she is scratching and provide her with an alternative like a post for sharpening of claws and stretching arms. But, if your furry friend does not use the scratcher you provided, then it may need some help to choose the post instead of the new couch or table legs. Check some ideas how to establish good scratching habits in your feline []For over 80 years the Felix Katnip Tree Company has handcrafted the best sisal scratching posts for a healthy and happy cat. Felix Katnip Trees are made with only the finest materials available in the United States. The list of supplies one needs when adopting a new cat or kitten can be staggering. Food, litter, toys, bed, scratching post, nail clippers, grooming brush… it’s overwhelming! Just shopping for a scratching post, for example, means confronting dozens of sizes, shapes, and materials. When choosing this important accessory, learning to think like a cat can make things a little easier.