Just my 2 cats playing with toys around the house

I also believe if a kitten between 7 weeks and 12 weeks is given a lot of toys to play with, it will probably be more likely to play with toys when it gets older, although that’s just my opinion. Two great cat toys are ping pong balls, because they’re light and they go a long way if you whack them, and walnuts, because they make a little crackly sound, like a mouse scurrying away, and they roll irregularly, like a mouse would run.

Comfort toys help provide cats a familiar and soothing environment. Usually soft and snuggly, comfort toys can be played with and cuddled.

A: Cats are predators, and the way to get them to play is to let them use their hunting talents. Buy toys and then use them to mimic the actions of the animals a cat would normally hunt - a mouse, bird, lizard, rabbit or bug. Take a laser pointer and skitter it across the floor like a bug. Get a wand toy that looks like a bird and pretend to land and take off. But don’t just flap it around. No bird acts like that. Try to think about what a bird really does and then reenact that with the toy. It’s all pretend play, but try to make it as real as possible for your cat.

Playing with toys is a very important part of a cat's life

It's important to let your cat only play with toys or other objects that are safe. Cat-proof the house by hiding these things: Cat toys don’t need to be expensive. To a cat, almost everything can become a toy: grocery bags with the handles cut off, boxes, toilet paper rolls, milk carton tops, tissue paper – in a cat’s mind, these were all just made to be played with. Some cats enjoy chasing bubbles, or batting Q-tips around the bathtub. Think like a cat, and you may be surprised at the things you already have in your home that make the purr-fect cat toy.

Why Doesn't My Cat Play with Her Toys

To that end, I’ve had my fair share of experience with interactive cat toys. From the classics to the latest and greatest, there’s a cat toy for every personality and energy level. Badly behaved cats often just need stimulation in the form of tiring play, so if you’ve got a cat that acts up all the time, consider one of the items from our list to help them burn off some steam. Indoor cats especially have higher requirements for exercise, since they don’t have a dynamic environment to move through. There are always the and , but nothing beats a toy that can engage your pet.

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Plastic items that come apart when chewed on and can be swallowed, like plastic bags should never be left around. Laser pointers are not ideal toys. There have been documented reports of pets, most commonly dogs, developing an obsessive-compulsive reaction to all moving lights, e.g. passing car headlights on a dark interior wall, after learning to play with a laser spot. Most laser pointer use won't cause retinal damage but there is a small risk, and it is more rewarding for your cat to be able to catch something at least part of the time. There are so many safe toys that cats can have, that if you're unsure about a particular item, it is best to keep it out of reach.Unfortunately, not all cats are equally enthusiastic about playing. Some cats love to follow toys with their gaze but never jump on them. Some do play, but only on Tuesdays, while others do not really seem to care at all. In this article, you will learn how to get a lazy cat to play with toys.