a cat playing with a lizard o pisica se joaca cu o soparla.

What about animals though? Have you ever wondered if some iPhone and iPad games would be fun for animals to play too? Just last week I wrote about some twice a week. Today I saw these videos of a frog, lizard, cat and dog having fun with apps too.

the cat loves playing with his food and the lizard likes the cat's body heat.

Cats like to play with toys that best imitate their favorite sort of prey animal. Some cats prefer cat toys that can move like a bird (floating and flying), while others prefer toys that move like a mouse or a lizard (hiding, peeking out, crawling on the ground, etc). Make sure to mimic these prey creatures during interactive play with your cat!

Pregnant stray cat plays with lizard then eats it - YouTube

Cat toy with playful lizard, chasing ball and having fun. Music video of enrichment for reptile. - YouTube Watch this cat play with her lizard then eat it! So gory!
We named her ColecoVision or just Coleco. This neighborhood stray hang out on our porch. She is super prego right now and young too.

Watch this cat play with her lizard then eat it

Cat playing with the puppy Lizard Part 1
Filmed in São Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Gato brincando com o filhote do lagarto Parte 1
Filmado em São Francisco do Sul-SC, Brazil

Cat playing with lizard part 2 - YouTube