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Make your cat feel at home with their meal area with the FouFou Silicone Cat Placemat in Taupe!

"Extra! Extra! Eat All About It!" The ORE Pet The Daily Cat Placemat gives your paper-lovin' pal a chance to brush up on all the important news with his morning meal. It looks like a newspaper but is actually crafted from durable and long-lasting BPA-free and non-toxic polypropylene. You will get a kick out of the fun pet stories printed on the "front page" while your practical side will enjoy the ease of cleaning up after your pet's meals… just wipe clean and you're done!

Pet Placemat Personalized Water Resistant Quatrefoil Ecru Cat

That placemat is way too cute! And I’m pretty sure my cats would go crazy for this food! 🙂 The JW Pet Company Stay in Place Cat Food Mat helps effectively to keep the food and water off the floor. In this sense this is a good mat. It has some details though as, for example; the slightly raised bumps are not 100% non-slip and a cat could still move the dish or bowl from there to somewhere. The rubber corners help to keep the mat stable but it seems like it does not work firmly in tile or wooden floors. For all these reasons and Pros and Cons,

√ I recommend the JW Pet Company Stay in Place Cat Food Mat:

The JW Pet Company Stay in Place Mat helps to protect the floor from spills or food when your cat is eating. This mat has slightly raised nubs on the surface to help the cat bowl or dish to stay in place. Stay in Place Mat’s rubber edges in each corner help to keep the mat from moving around.


Here is a fun way to brighten the spot where your cat’s food and water bowls rest. Shaped in the form of a cat’s face, the Placemat measures 15” x 11” and is large enough to fit several bowls. Each Placemat is made with charming cat fabric, with a matching non-cat print for the back. The Placemat is washable (cold water, please). Bowl not included with your purchase.It’s made in the USA from 100% recycled rubber which makes it both durable and practical. The rubber surface holds the mat in place on the floor and also keeps cat bowls and dishes from sliding around. If your cat is like Furball who likes to drag his bowl across the floor, this mat will help ensure the bowls don’t go wandering too far.

The placemat’s surface is just the right size for cats. It’ll help keep the floor protected from spills, kibble bits and that wet cat food that drops out of your cat’s mouth when she turns suddenly mid-chew because she heard a loud noise.Keep your kitty’s eating area clean with this adorable cat face placemat from Oré Originals. Shaped like an oversized cartoon cat head, this cheeky mat is not only fun, it’s also functional and eco-friendly too.CEDRIC THE CAT PLACEMAT 5x7 or 6x10
What child wouldn't love this great placemat? Cedric the Cat holds their Silverware and Napkin and looks fun on their table. Made in the 5x7 hoop in 8 hoopings and then zig zagged together. The width of the 5x7 face is approx 12 inches wide and 10 inches tall (not including the ears). The width of the 6x10 face is approx 14 inches wide and 12.4 inches tall (not including the ears). Artwork from !