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Cat pink eye orfeline conjunctivitis is an eye infection or irritation that causes inflammation of the tissue that lines the eyelid. Cat pink eye irritation can occur as the result of exposure to irritants like pollen,or as a result of fungal, bacterial or viral infection. Feline conjunctivitis is not usually life-threatening, but it can cause permanent damage to the eye and even blindness. Let's learn more about this common cat eye infection.

Can cat pink eye cause permanent damage?Yes. In extreme cases, it can cause blindness.

Your symptoms may vary, depending on their cause. Irritations caused by allergies or exposure to irritants and foreign objects cause pinkness and inflammation of the tissues around the eye. The eyelid and the tissues around the eye may swell. Your cat may have trouble closing his eye and a watery discharge may emanate from the eye.

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But, I have good news for you. Human pink eye is not contagious to dogs or cats. One of the most common feline eye disorders, conjunctivitis, usually results from infection with the herpes or chlamydia virus or the bacteria mycoplasma. It can be the gunky discharge that closes up the eyes of affected kittens, or the chronic "pinkeye" of older cats. Because it's infectious, it's also contagious. Conjunctivitis causes the white part of the eye to redden and swell. The eye discharges either a clear or mucous material. You'll notice the cat squinting, but he could also suffer from an upper respiratory infection if herpes is the culprit. Depending on the cause, your vet might prescribe antibiotic treatment for the eye, but if it's a herpes infection, an antiviral treatment might be used. Cats with herpes infections might have flare-ups throughout their lives, especially when stressed.

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When treating conjunctivitis or pink eye the best and most common treatment is eye drops for cats. Conjunctivitis is caused by an infection of bacteria. This condition can be contained and cured when diagnosed but if left unattended there may be serious side effects that follow. These side effects may even include the cat going blind or complete removal of the eye may be required.

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Cat pink eye, otherwise known as feline conjunctivitis, is a fairly common disease or injury in cats. It can be caused by direct cuts or injuries to the eye, as well as viruses or infections of the eye which are contagious. Cat pink eye can often be treated easily at home with the right products. One of the best all natural, herbal remedies for cat pink eye you can find is from Pet Wellbeing. Cat conjunctivitis is when the membrane of the inner eyelids and the eyes itself become inflamed, swell up and turn a red or pink color. There may be tears or mucus oozing from the eyes and they may hurt or itch.Copyright 2012 Cat Pink Eye treatments • Cat pink eye is a common problem in felines. Also known as conjunctivitis in cats it can be painful and harmful to the eye. Nettle Eyebright is an all natural herbal cat pink eye treatment that works great. Find out more about cat conjunctivitis and common questions about it. Get Nettle Eyebright for cat pink eye today!