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Merax make some wonderfully interesting cat trees and this one looks more like a cat castle than a simple cat tree. One of the best cat trees for large cats, the Merax Cat House Activity Tree has lots of different levels for cats to play and perch on and it has two cat houses for when cats want to hide away.

the best gift for cats is a cat tree. A big one. They like lots of perches large enough to lounge. I absolutely need this one

Just like a wide bottom, it is important to have a large perch for your cat. Large cats are very long and don’t like to feeling that something is too small for them to really relax on.

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Due to the size of the large cat, there are certain cat trees that work better for your pet. Avoid getting the cat trees with the small flat perches. You want the cat to feel comfortable on those ledges, and worrying about their legs or hindquarters hanging off the back of their perch will be most uncomfortable for them. Look for cat trees that have large “U” shaped perches so the cat can feel cradled inside the ledge. Most larger cats like to back up against certain things while they are resting because it allows them to feel more secure high up. Be sure to choose cat trees for large cats that are high enough, sturdy enough, and offer several unique places for them to call home. The tree must be able to withstand the weight of a larger cat leaping off the perch to the ground.

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Another smaller cat tree with perches for 3 large cats. Once again the perches have containment on three sides to keep the cat secure. The open front on the perches makes it easier for older cats to reach up to the highest lever. While sisal does not cover all of the posts, there is enough present on both posts to satisfy larger cats.

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Creating Peace Between Cats
If you have a cat like Maine coons and introduce a new kitten to the home, it is going to take time for these cats to understand their relationship within the family unit. The biggest benefit of the cat tree in this situation is that the larger Maine coon can mark their territory on the highest perch, allowing the other cat to claim a perch lower down the tree. While the relationship between the cats may be tense at first, the cat tree will allow them to position themselves and their territory, reducing any physical confrontations that could occur early on in their relationship.Large Cat Tree Considerations
One thing to consider when it comes to cat trees for large cats is that some cats love to sleep in these apparatuses throughout the day. Be sure that the tree includes unique shaped larger perches as well as cubby holes the cat can hide inside when they need to recharge. Older large cats might be suffering from early stages of arthritis, so consider purchasing heated for when the weather gets cooler. If the cat has difficulty making the jumps to higher perches, consider getting a tree that has more walks and stairs.