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6-foot Tall Large Cat Tower-Hardwood & Carpet -- 6-foot tall cat tower with perches, hideaways, scratching posts, and lots of room to play on a small footprint!

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In that first post on cat scratchers, I proposed building an “integrated cat scratcher/USB charging station/cat perch using a twisty tree branch.” The cats have voted with their claws and love the scratcher so much that I need to get started on that perch notion and other scratcher projects. The cats need to charge their devices too! The whole interior of the house could just get covered in sisal and USB ports.

Pepper Cat Condos Shelf Perch Scratching Post Tree

Large cat scratching post that features a snug, carpet-wrapped cradle perched at the top of it. Made in the USA, and manufactured on order, the Little Bit, Cat Perch Scratching Post Tree, needs 5 to 7 days construction time, before shipping. .......

Jute Cat Scratch Post with Perch - Cozy Cat Furniture

With two 24 inch scratching posts, one covered in carpet, and the other covered with sisal rope, a curved perch, 20 inches by 12 inches, that will comfortably accommodate a large cat, The Little Bit, Cat Perch Scratching Post Tree, is available in any of these 4 standard colors, Beige, Brown, Blue or Grey.

Easy DIY Cat Perch with Scratching Post - The Daily Adventures of Me

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>> Cat Furniture Definitions: Cat Condos vs. Cat Trees vs. Cat Towers
So there’s a rarely mentioned issue in the cat furniture world so I assume there must be some kind of taboo about it. Today I’m going to step on some toes and outline loose differences between Cat Condos, Cat Trees and Cat Condos. These are my own definitions.Furniture breathes a slow sigh of relief as scratch-happy kitties train claws on the designer carpet sheathing these Pet Majestic products. Durable sisal rope loops around the 22-inch post, and a hanging toy whips and whirls with the swipe of a paw or jab of a chameleon tongue. A hanging toy also dangles off the 23.5-inch perch, whose ramp leads to a carpeted throne where cats can reign over their kingdom. Cats love to scratch, hide, perch and observe the world from safe vantage points. Can there be more fun for our beloved furkids than a miniature cat house complete with a number of shelves and scratching posts? Browse my selection of cat condos for large cats and choose something suitable for your fluffy friend. Your feline friends will love this double cat perch. The two large perches are great for any sized cat to comfortably sit. The durable scratching post will withstand long-term use, and the heavy bottom stabilizes the unit to assist in tip prevention.