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My cat Chancey a male never had a problem with urine till someone threw Smokey a female out of a window of a car and then I kept her; they say cats are territory and he is acting out you could say he is jealous;I clean the spot with peroxide dish soap and vinegar; when it is totally dry I then saturte the area with baking powder for 2 months and I cover the area with 2 garbage bags I leave the bags on if he pees again all you do is to wipe with paper towels ;and spray the mixture don't smell a thing!

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Keep the litter box clean!Cats can be picky creatures. If their regular relief hole isn’t as sparkling as they would like it to be, they will find somewhere else to go. Remember, nothing says “Go pee on that nice new carpet.” like a dirty stinky poo box.

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My cat peed on my passenger car seat and it has a odor should I put Apple vinegar on it? i cleaned my area of my matress with dish soap then rinced also used a lil pine sol, when my cat peed on it 3 yrs ago , The smell was still there a few days a go so i used water down house hold bleach . the smell is gone . by the way cat pee does carry enough acid to make a bad gass when mixed with bleach .. just saying .

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I read with interest all your comments and suggestions. My cat had urinary issues when he was young and sprayed or peed on the carpet. What I did was use tide in water with baking soda, and yes a splash of bleach. Nothing else removed the smell completely. I think it’s interesting about urine turning into ammonia and of course you can’t mix that with bleach, but on tile floors or baseboards and even carpet, nothing got rid of the smell better. Nothing at the pet store worked at all. Thankfully he is now fine and these issues are over. Keeping fingers crossed.

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