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I need some help. One of my cats had peed on the carpet and I didn’t about it until it was almost dried up. I have already done a treatment of white vinegar. Saturated the area and sprinkled baking soda on top of it to absorb. I cleaned it up after the baking soda turned brown, about 24 hours later. Still noticed it smelled of urine and put more baking soda on the area for 24 hours. More brown showed up and vacuumed it up. I took some soap and warm water to scrub the area and laid more baking soda down. I feel like did some of the cleaning half right. Any guidance on what I have done so far would be wonderful. Thank you.

Cat pee smells of ammonia; the cat will smell the cleaned area and think that must be the right place to go.

For years I’ve been a Simple Solution customer. I have purchased gallons of it (I’m not kidding) to clean my cat Gaijin’s messes, since she has this horrid habit of peeing on everything that is fluffy and porous — from the couch and the rugs to piles of dirty and clean, folded laundry. (Yes, we still love her very much despite all that, don’t know how, but we do.)

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Cleaning up your cat's While these methods can effectively get rid of cat pee smell on furniture, you’re facing an endless, Sisyphean task of constant cleaning unless you in the first place.

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In the same way that cleaning with ammonia will encourage a cat to pee again, an incomplete cleaning may only spur a cat to mark that spot again. Rather than attempting to rub, dab, or create homemade concoctions, a wet-dry vacuum cleaner — especially a rented industrial-strength wet-vac containing an — may provide a more efficient approach. If you decide to take a DIY tact, make sure to use baking soda afterward. Its odor-suppressing qualities will give you time to clean the area again before the scent, and fresh , can return.

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