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This spray is safe to use on your furniture and all other indoor and outdoor items and plants. This spray is great for training your cat or repelling the neighborhood cats.

Stray cats lay and spray my outdoor furniture how do i keep them off my patio and furniture?

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outdoor cat houses | Home » Cat Furniture by TYPE » Outdoor Cat Houses » Kool Cedar Cat ... If your dogs and cats are already used to getting on your furniture, it’s going to be hard to break that pattern on your outdoor furniture. You might want to start by deterring them from getting on all human furniture. You can use the squirt bottle for both cats and dogs and make them get down every time you see them on the furniture to create a new pattern of behavior. You can try the trick of placing tape, sticky side up, or aluminum foil on the furniture when it’s not in use to deter your pets from jumping up. They won’t like the tape sticking to their paws or the noise the foil makes.

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I purchased 2 clear office chair matts from Costco ($20 each) and cut them up in the appropriate seat size for our outdoor comfortable furniture. Just lay them down upside down on the furniture when not in use. The nubs are taller than the ones found on carpet runners. So far the neighbors cat has not jumped on any of our chairs with the matts. Just measure the chair seat areas (use a cardboard template if you need to) and lay them out on the matts with a permanent marker. These matts are heavy duty and I had to use tin snips to cut them. Be patient it takes time to cut these. These matts do not take away from the outdoor furniture colors since these are clear. It works!

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For outdoor furniture that is placed in your patio or backyard, covers can shield the wicker from cats that venture outdoors as well as from sun, wind, and rain damage. offers covers for each of their wicker furniture products, so you can order as many as you need. You can take off the covers when the cats are being kept inside!People have problems with kittens and adult felines because they like to use gardens, plants and lawns as a litter box. They spray, dig, scratch and mark their territory, leaving a horrendous smell. They can also be dangerous around young children. Unfortunately, all outdoor and indoor cat repellents were not created equal. Getting rid of them once they are attracted to your yard can be difficult. This video will show you the best natural tips for training cats to keep off of your furniture.