And prevent your cat from climbing trees on a leash. It’s not safe.

#1 – Know your cat. Not all cats will be able to find the delights in walking outdoors on a leash. Before you consider taking your cat on an adventure, consider her individual temperament and personality. Cats who do best on leashes are ones who are naturally outgoing and brave. If your cat runs under the bed every time there’s a knock on the door, leash walks may not be for her. If your cat doesn’t enjoy being walked, don’t force it.

With time, effort, practice and a LOT of patience, you can get your cat walking on a leash.

Ever seen a cat out walking on a leash? Most people who have seen one react with astonishment that a cat would be domesticated enough to willingly allow itself to be tethered to a leash and guided around by -- of all things! -- a human companion. But it can, and does happen. After all, why should dogs have all the fun? Everyone knows cats like the outdoors, too. Shouldn’t they get the opportunity to explore the great outdoors along with the rest of us? Shouldn’t they be allowed to maintain their youthful figures with some regular exercise? Learning how to walk a cat may seem impossible, but with proper supervision, patience, and consistency, you too can train your cat to walk on a leash.

First, you need to purchase a harness and leash designed for cats

There is a proper way to train your cat on a leash that promises much greater success. Before you teach your cat to walk on a leash outdoors, you must make sure that your kitty will be OK with that. Some cats love going out for walks with their owner, while others hate it. You should first leave the harness or walking jacket with its leash on the floor in your home, and let your cat smell it and get used to its shape.

Setbacks are common when teach your cat to walk your cat on a leash

A better option is to have a stroll with your kitty wearing a cat harness or a cat walking jacket because the leash is attached towards the middle, which is more comfortable and much safer for your pet.

Long High Quality Nylon Cat Leash

alking your cat on a leash gives her safe outdoor access, exercise, and mental stimulation. To be sure, not all indoor cats are candidates for being walked on a leash, but some most certainly are. Here’s how to determine if a leashed walk is a fit for your cat, as well as how to get started!Have you ever wanted to train your cat to walk on a leash? Jackson Galaxy from the Animal Planet Show, My Cat from Hell, gives you step by step tips to get your pet out and about on the leash! Does your cat walk on a leash? If so, how did you train your kitty?Cat Care Tips... How to train you cat to walk on a leash. Wish I would have know this way earlier. I think my cats have already learned to hate the leash.I taught my Cynder to walk on a leash and ride in my car with a seatbelt harness. This is one of my favorite pictures of her adventuring. cats funny pictures